Our Regional Champions

Meet the Regional Champions who act to initiate road safety action at a regional level.



Our Regional Champions

The Regional Champions are the ‘coordinators of the regions’ who represent 10 regions of the world. The group works to be closer to young people on the ground, to offer regional support, resources, opportunities and are integral in YOURS' work to develop youth capacities in road safety.

The initiative started in 2012 and representatives are volunteers active in road safety in their regions. In 2014, a new group of Regional Champions were selected and for the first time, represented all regions of the world.

The Regional Champions goals are placed into three key areas of focus:

  1. The YOURS Global Youth Network for Road Safety: 'To improve what we currently have'- to expand, share more information about youth and road safety projects and create a thriving quality network.
  2. Coordination and Guidance: 'To improve what we currently do'- of youth and road safety initiatives in every region consisting of coordinating and guiding activities, YOURS capacity development programs and creating regional information hubs on youth and road safety activities.
  3. Advocacy and Promotion: 'To be heard and seen more' – for YOURS to have a known and heard network worldwide and to reach out to the media more frequently.


The Regional Champions have worked diligently to represent youth and road safety issues on a regional level and represented YOURS at a range of events across the world. Some notable achievements include:

  • Dissemination of the #SaveKidsLives campaign
  • Creation of the National Champions Initative in Africa and Carribbean
  • Representation of YOURS at IFMSA Annual Conference
  • Representation of YOURS at World Urban Forum
  • Consultations in African Union, GRSP African Conferences and WHO Consultations
  • Regular updates on youth and road safety initiatives in the region
Brian  Bilal Mwebaze

Brian Bilal Mwebaze

Africa (Anglophone)
Maferima Kone

Maferima Kone

Africa (Francophone)
Jacob Smith

Jacob Smith

North America
Alexander  Revskiy

Alexander Revskiy

Russian Federation
Daniel Cano

Daniel Cano

South America
Joel Tucker

Joel Tucker

Western Pacific

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