Mohammed  Donzo

Mohammed Donzo

Liberia - YOURS National Champion for Road Safety

Mohammed Donzo is a native born Liberian who has a relentless passion for road safety advocacy and awareness. With the death of his beloved Aunty in a terrible car accident in 2010, he has since vows to be an ambassador of road safety. With very little attention pay to road safety awareness and advocacy in his country, he continues to encourage students and young people to see road trashes as a life threatening massacre, and to speak out against it.

With his position as the President of the second oldest and most populated student union in Liberia, he called on the government of his country to stop motorcyclists from riding the main and populated streets of Monrovia because of the unprecedented death and injuries accumulated from motorcycles.  The government of Liberia finally stopped motorcycles from riding the principal streets of Monrovia in November 2013.

Mohammed Donzo is also a passionate student and Human rights advocate. He is an International Member of Amnesty International and Amnesty International`s Write for Rights Campaign 2014 Facilitator – Liberia.  He hopes that one day; he can facilitate the establishment of Amnesty International Structure in Liberia.

He is the Founder and Former President of the High School Muslim Student Association of Liberia. He is presently the President of the Montserrado County Student union, and the Chairman of the 15 Counties Council. A Council that heads all of the student unions of the fifteen Counties that makes up the Republic of Liberia. He fluently speaks and writes English.
He is a team worker, but also delivers individually when the need arises. He respects job ethics, and can cope with working under pressure.

With the goal of getting more young people involve in road trashes awareness and advocacy, he is presently the Youth for Road Safety Champion – Liberia.