Isaac  Kugonza

Isaac Kugonza

Uganda - YOURS National Champion for Road Safety

Isaac Kugonza has been entrusted by his peers with several tasks and leadership positions for over 10 years in addition to founding and/or establishing several student organizations aimed at bringing about the kind of social change that embraces, public speech, debate, truth, honesty, integrity, accountability, democracy, good governance, culture, rule of law, respect for fundamental human rights and harmonious co-existence of the various shades of opinions. He has spearheaded the advocacy for social, political and economic empowerment of Ugandans.

While targeting the youth, he has traversed rural Uganda campaigning for equipping the youth with relevant skills to eradicate unemployment, responsible citizenship, accountable leadership and quality social services. He has an outstanding record as a keen and untiring reader, Socio-Politico Activist, Media-freedom activist ,Writer, Debater, Orator, Public speaker, Moderator, Poet and Literature guru and manager as attested to by the several projects he has thrown his weight into. He is equally reliable and trustworthy in addition to being a keen time keeper.

He went to Nakasero for primary school, Mbogo Mixed and Gombe for his secondary education, after which he was enrolled at Uganda Christian University for a Bachelor of Laws degree (LL. B) that he is currently finalizing.