Youth Champions

We inspire youth to act as ‘agents of change’. Through the Global Youth Coalition, our leaders become role models for their peers and advocates for road safety action.


Meet our Youth Champions.

We have been recruiting young people around the world as Youth Champions for Road Safety since our launch in 2007. In July 2020, we launched the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety as an immediate action following the 2nd World Youth Assembly that happened in February 2020. 

Young people are the future of road safety, sustainable mobility, and decision-making. Together, we work for and with youth to keep people safe on the world's roads. Our youth leaders form a global network of youth champions for road safety. The Youth Coalition acts as an umbrella for active organizations, individuals, academia, campaigners, and people working for youth and road safety. Currently, the Youth Coalition has over 1000 members from 104 countries around the world. 






Join the movement! Road safety starts with YOU.

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