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Youth Empowerment

We use our years of expertise in workshop delivery  to develop the capacities of young people in the field of road safety. With global experiences from Belize, Cambodia, Kenya, Niger, Oman, Saint Lucia, South Africa and the USA, YOURS is able to provide youth-friendly, highly interactive and dynamic workshops for young people. These workshops have big impact on the lives of young people are create robust youth action to reduce road traffic crashes amongst 15-29 year olds.

The programme builds on the Youth and Road Safety Action, which is recognized globally as a ‘brilliant introduction to global road safety’ by WHO and CDC. Read more about how we run our workshops below.



"I have never experienced a workshop like this before. You present road safety in such a creative way that it didn't even feel like learning. It was just phenomenal"

Zaire Garbutt, trained facilitator in Belize



Our portfolio - youth engagement all across the world!

From Africa to the Caribbean, Europe to Asia, our workshops resonate with young people everywhere. This is because every training is placed within a local context, real life stories as well as embedding concepts within the local youth culture of a country. Our trainings are universally accepted and we see the same results everywhere they have been delivered.

Read a bit more about some of the countries we have delivered our youth workshops:


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Youth Ambassadador Programme in South Africa with Michelin and GRSP:


South Africa 2017 South Africa Follow Up 2018 South Africa 2019

Read about our delivery of the Alliance Advocates Training in the following countries:

USA 2016 USA 2017 Kenya 2018 India 2018

Evidence Based - Youth Friendly - Creative

Our workshops have been described as some of the most creative and innovative road safety experiences out there. We have done away with the 'sit down listen and take notes' approach. Our trainings are as creative, diverse and energetic as our youth participants themselves.

With global experiences from Belize, Cambodia, Kenya, Oman and Saint Lucia, YOURS is able to provide youth-friendly, highly interactive and dynamic workshops for young people. The programme builds on the Youth and Road Safety Action, which is recognized globally as a ‘brilliant introduction to global road safety’ by WHO and CDC.

We take complex road safety concepts and present them in a way that speaks to young people's own reality. Our trainings use creative activities such as music, art, expression, role-play and real life demonstrations that give young people a unique insight into the world of road safety issues. Engaging young people is our speciality and our mission is to create a generation of skilled road safety champions. Coupling theory with creativity, engagement with knowledge and peer-messaging with tangible action, our participants are able to grasp road safety topics in way that empowers and educates.

Not just education but advocacy and life skills too!

Our workshops equip young people with the skills, knowledge and resources they need to make real impact in their countries. By working with local and national stakeholders, our participants are able to grasp a vast array of road safety issues. They are able to understand how to impact road safety policy by understanding the road safety system. They are empowered to advocate for road safety by understanding they key risk factors affecting youth such as drink driving, non-use of seatbelts, distracted driving, helmet use and speeding. We train our participants on peer-education, how to speak to young people in a non-threatening and facilitative approach by exploring how humans learn, what a peer-educator does and how to translate messages to reflect the reality of youth culture.

As well as grasping key concepts in road safety, our signature programme the YOURS Traning of Facilitators provides our participants with the skills they need to run their own workshops in local youth settings. Our workshops develop key life skills such as team work, collobaration, confidence, planning, public speaking, evaluation, referencing and measuring impact. Many of our participants have gone on to sit on national road safety boards, set up their own organizations and campaigns as well as communicate positive road safety messages to thousands of young people across their countries.

A Royal Seal of Approval

In June 2015, our workshops were awarded the ‘Best Road Safety Initiative Award’ as part of the 2014 Fundacion MAPFRE Social Awards. These international awards recognize people and institutions that have made outstanding contributions for the benefit of society. In 2015, there were over 450 nominations for Best Road Safety Initiaive, which was awarded to YOURS. The Award came with a grant of 30,000 euros. Her Majesty Queen Sofía of Spain chaired the Award Ceremony on the 18th of June at the prestigious Casino of Madrid and officially handed over the award to YOURS.

Our workhops were selected via a rigorous process of reviewing our materials, method of engagement, unique resources and the impact they have made on the lives of young people all around the world.

In December 2017, our workshops were awarded the prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Award, making our work multi-award winning.

The awards for our workshops recognize the unique and innovative way in which we engage with young people. Booking a YOURS training comes with a royal seal of approval.




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