Save Lives - #SlowDown

4th UN Global Road Safety Week - May 2017





We all want to arrive safely at our destination. By slowing down we make our roads safer for our children, families and friends. Research shows that a 5% cut in average speed can result in a 30% reduction in the number of fatal road traffic crashes. When the world commits to #SlowDown and implements evidence based solutions, road traffic crashes will fall and we will save lives.

The Fourth UN Global Road Safety Week focused on speed management. It promoted the tagline #SlowDown from the perspective of safe road users, safe vehicles and safe roads. Thousands of people pledged to slow down all around the world and thousands more organized #SlowDown Day events. These events set political momentum for slower roads all around the world with a view to permanently slow down roads around schools and in neighbourhoods. These events reached hundreds of thousands of people and set about a global movement to #SlowDown roads all around the world.













YOURS Involvement in the Week

We were responsible for designing and creating the website to host information about all the weeks as well as showcase the 4th UN Global Road Safety (UNGRSW). We worked along side the World Health Organization to produce a functional resource UNGRSW campaigners and practioners around the world as well as host 'live' campaign website that calls people to action. We began production on the concept almost a year before the campaign and built on our involvement with the #SaveKidsLives campaign to build a robust, interactive, responsive and accessible global website.

logo mock up slowdown

From producing the functional structure behind the website to designing its look and feel; including logo, campaign materials and navigational approach, we worked with partners to build and refine the website into the current design, which will be adopted for forthcoming weeks. The website also archives the previous weeks, which is easy to navigate and access.









A Global Movement

Hundreds of thousands campaigners around the world participated in the Save Lives - #SlowDown campaign. From the simple task of downloading a signboard and taking a picture with it for social media awareness via the #SlowDown hashtag, to organizing a fully fledged #SlowDown Day.

Nearly 1000 events were organized across the world with campaigners setting in motion political and social momentum to reduce speeds on the road, especially around schools and areas where pedestrians frequent.

ungrsw map


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“Road traffic injuries are a threat youth face just at the point where they are becoming independent, seeking opportunities for education and employment. For many it is the biggest threat they face as they attempt to negotiate a route out of poverty.”


Nicholas Alipui

UNICEF Director & Senior Advisor Post-2015 Development Agenda