2nd World Youth Assembly for Road Safety

160+ young leaders, 74 countries, 1 Global Youth Statement for Road Safety






#ClaimingOurSpace for safe mobility!


The 2nd World Youth Assembly for Road Safety took place on February 18, 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Young leaders from across the world gathered to take action on the biggest public health threat of their time; road traffic crashes.  Together, we began the movement to start #ClaimingOurSpace for safer mobility and at the decision-making table!

The Assembly featured a full-day of programming that brought together young advocates, campaigners, innovators and change-makers who are committed to combating road traffic injuries. The Assembly explored road safety and crosscutting solutions to challenge the number one cause of death for youth (aged 15-29). It was action-oriented, artistic, intergenerational, creative and inclusive, with representation of young leaders from all over the world. Over 160 young people from 74 countries attended!

The Youth Assembly was organized for youth, by youth. The Global Youth Taskforce, a selected group of 11 young leaders from around the World, led the organization and creation of the event. It was an official pre-event of the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety.

The Youth Assembly was initiated by YOURS - Youth for Road Safety and co-sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO). The main partners were Michelin Corporate Foundation and Total Foundation. Partners of the Assembly were Fundación MAPFRE and VOLVO Group.


Full Report  Summary Report   Global Youth Statement

To save young lives on the world’s roads and help reach the Global Goals targets 3.6 and 11.2, by: mobilizing and inspiring global youth to take action for road safety; empowering young people and pushing for meaningful youth engagement on designing, implementing and evaluating a safe mobility system.


  1. Energize the global youth movement by boosting youth networks and movements for road safety;
  2. Empower young people through the development of youth capacities for meaningful participation in decision-making;
  3. Provide a platform to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experience and solutions among young people and subject matter experts;
  4. Connect and build partnerships to bring youth and relevant stakeholders from a broader health, mobility and youth leadership context together;
  5. Raise awareness to promote road safety through creative expressions like art, music and cultural activities.


Meaningful youth participation from the start!

Organizing the Assembly took a bottom-up approach where young people were in charge of their own agenda. YOURS recruited a powerful group of young people from around the globe, from diverse backgrounds and sectors and formed the Global Youth Taskforce.


They were in charge of organizing the Assembly, with the help of YOURS and its partners. The Global Youth Taskforce worked on (among other things):

  • Promoting the Assembly and reach out to governments, youth delegates and other stakeholders;
  • Consulting youth from around the world and draft a powerful youth statement that will be the basis of the Global Youth Statement for Road Safety;
  • Designing the programme and its sessions;
  • Creative inputs into the event; new approaches, stunts, rallies, alternative expressions such as art, music, workshops, among others;
  • A road map as to what youth delegates are tasked to do after the Assembly and beyond for concrete action.

Meet the Taskforce


Meet the Taskforce

partners wya

YOURS is a global  non-governmental organization (NGO) that acts to make the world’s roads safer for young people. YOURS is the direct follow up to the 1st World Youth Assembly for Road Safety in 2007.

The World Health Organization is a longtime supporter of youth involvement in road safety. WHO convenes the global efforts for road safety through the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration.

Main partners
The Michelin Corporate Foundation is a founding member of YOURS - Youth for Road Safety and were one of the earliest supporters of the global youth movement for road safety. Through their Corporate Foundation, Michelin supports meaningful road safety action around the world.

At Total Foundation, safety is a cardinal value that is embedded in all of their processes, because it ensures long-term sustainability as a business. Total Foundation believes in the power of young people taking action around the world to improve mobility.

Fundación MAPFRE have been supporting youth led initiatives through their social innovation awards. MAPFRE is one of the biggest insurance companies in Spain and Latin America.

The Volvo Group partner with leading public and private sector stakeholders and collaborate with globally respected organizations to push themselves, their sector, and society in a more sustainable direction.

Network Partners
Many networks and foundations supported the 2nd World Youth Assembly for Road Safety and its associated activities. All of these organizations believe in the power of young people to make change for safer mobility.


The Global Youth Statement for Road Safety is the key advocacy document that will guide young people on policy demands to decision-makers in road safety. It builds on our global experience of declarations.

The statement was derived from the Youth Consultations to ensure its content was rooted in the reality of young people’s lives as well as accounted for regional trends, differences and cultural nuances. The Youth Consultations offered a clear picture of young people’s realities, demands to decision-makers and what they themselves as young leaders commit to, The Youth Statement was divided into the corresponding sections and commitments were directly linked to key Sustainable Development Goals that safe and sustainable mobility has a positive impact on.

It was written by the Global Youth Taskforce and all youth that took part in the consultations had the opportunity to ratify a zero draft of the statement.

As a key advocacy document written by youth, the Global Youth Statement will act as a tool to start conversations about safe mobility and its challenges. It calls on all stakeholders to act and offers a strategic direction for road safety in countries and communities all across the world,


Download the Global Youth Statement for Road Safety

See the Assembly in Action!


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Read the Global Youth Statement for Road Safety


World Youth Assembly Outcomes

The 2nd World Youth Assembly for Road Safety brought together two powerful outcomes to follow up on: The Global Youth Statement from Road Safety and the Impact Generator Challenge winners.

alex statementAdoption of the Global Youth Statement for Road Safety
On the 18th February 2020 more than 160 young leaders from 74 countries adopted the Global Youth Statement for Road Safety. The statement was based on the voices of 1500+ young people from around the world that took part in the Youth Consultations.                    
The statement was delivered during the World Youth Assembly by Global Youth Taskforce Member Alex Ayub from Africa.

The youth statement resonated with the youth exclaiming “enough is enough”. The statement highlights the reality of today’s generation being born in a global road safety crisis with the added challenge of global decision-makers facing the issue with silence, inaction, and exclusion of the youth.

The Youth Statement will be used by youth participants as the key instrument to keep advocating in local, regional and international high level events. In this way, they will be able to ensure that their authorities heard their voices, support their projects and ensure the meaningful youth participation in the decision-making process of road safety policy design.

On the other hand, the Youth Statement will also serve as a tool to support the design of local grassroots projects, where young leaders can make a tangible impact on their communities through evidence-based activities to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs related to road safety.

igcImpact Projects
As mentioned before, YOURS invited all accepted delegates to submit local projects that could contribute to the achievement of a specific challenge identified in their communities. We received 44 projects from different countries and with different objectives.

The Youth Taskforce, together with YOURS, designed a selection methodology based on 5 categories: project proposal, implementation plan, measurement & outcomes, presentation and sustainability. Based on those items, the selection committee shortlisted 6 finalists and requested more information about their projects’ budget and finally, the jury selected the three winners that will receive funding, mentorship and technical support from YOURS. These 3 projects will be part of a broader Youth Coalition for Road Safety that YOURS is working on, as part of the follow up after the Assembly.

Winning Impact Projects

After a rigirous selection, 3 projects were presented at the Assembly and won first, second and third place in the Imapct Generator Challenge. Explore the winning Impact Projects below.

Fundación Despacio
Prize US$7,000

Road Impact Race: Circuit with a challenge in every station where participants must implement the innovative solutions (artistic interventions, tactical urbanism, knowledge challenges, etc) to make their area safer and harmonic.

Project leader: Daniela Gomez

Visit Despacio

Botswana - Society of Road Safety Ambassadors (SORSA)
Prize US$5,000

Supply and fitting of reflective tapes on donkey carts. This will also entail educating donkey cart users through pamphlets and kgotla meetings that are expected to obey road safety precautions in order to curb road crashes along the highway.

Project leader: Tumiso Selaledi


Tajikistan - Young Generation of Tajikistan
Prize US$3,000

Reaching out to authorities, city planners, road designers, and development banks and urging them to prioritize public transport and the needs of non-motorized road users in their strategies. The long-term objective is to see the installation of a pilot cycle lane, making cycling safer and demonstrating the benefits of having sustainable transport options.

Project leader: Haidarsho Makulshoev

Visit Young Generation of Tajikistan





3rd Ministerial Conference on Road Safety

Young leaders from the Assembly made waves at the 3rd Ministerial Conference on Road Safety in Stockholm, Sweden.


Youth at the Ministerial Conference