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Capacity Development

We believe that when young people have the skills and knowledge they need, they can undertake real road safety actions in their countries and act as 'agents of change'. YOURS has global experience in workshop delivery and our capacity development sessions are highly recommended by both our participants and collaborating partners.

Our workshops are multi-award-winning. YOURS' received global recognition and was awarded Best Road Safety Initiative by the Fundacion MAPFRE's Global Social Innovation Awards for its creative presentation of road safety data and resources. The Award was handed out by Queen Sofia of Spain. In 2017, our workshops won the Prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Award. 

Our road safety workshops and capacity development sessions have actively engaged youth from all around the world. From Kenya to Belize, Oman to Saint Lucia, participants who have undertaken the YOURS experience in workshop training experience road safety education in a whole new youth-friendly format. 

To adapt to the growing needs of our youth leaders, we have taken our winning workshops to the online world with the YOURS Academy! With the Academy, you can learn about the global road safety crisis facing youth in an exciting environment anytime, anywhere. Check it out today! 


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Young people from around the world joined our #ClaimingOurSpace campaign. 



Youth-focused campaigns are one of our specialties! Our experience in global campaigning has seen us at the forefront of delivering some of the world's most recognizable road safety efforts. We continue to join the UN Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC) in efforts to lead and promote the UN Global Road Safety Week campaigns and more. Through the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety, YOURS continues to be at the forefront of designing road safety campaigns such as the #ClaimingOurSpace campaign which calls on local and global leaders to include young people in all stages of decision-making. 

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Calling on the world's leaders to stop blaming youth and engaging them during the 3rd Ministerial Conference on Road Safety in Stockholm, Sweden.

Global Advocacy

YOURS is an official member of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration. The Collaboration spans inter-governmental representation such as the World Health Organization, the private sector, academia, civil society organizations, and multilateral organizations. We bring a youth representation to the collaboration.

In global development, we have been heavily involved in the youth push for road safety targets to be included in the Global Goals;  the world's sustainable development agenda. As the only youth-led, youth-orientated global NGO for road safety, we take our role to empower young people to become strong advocates for road safety and create real asks for road safety action.

We are also able to further our advocacy efforts through the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety. 


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Youth champions are taking action all around the world. With the support of YOURS, our young leaders represent youth voices in local and global settings to call on leaders to take action for road safety and sustainable mobility. 


Youth Champions

Young people are the backbone of our organization. Thousands of youth around the world act as agents of change by being role models, road safety activists, campaigners, and advocates. Through the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety, we are uniting road safety champions to raise awareness around road safety, sustainable mobility, and meaningful youth engagement. With the resources and opportunities, we help provide, our youth champions take meaningful action for road safety. Join the road safety movement today by signing up to join the Youth Coalition! 


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