Get ready for the 4th United Nations Global Road Safety Week

Get ready for the 4th United Nations Global Road Safety Week

We all want to arrive safely at our destinations. By slowing down we make roads safer for our children, families and friends. The Fourth United Nations Global Road Safety Week will take place from 8-14th May 2017. We are getting ready for it now, join us!

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The Week will focus on speed management and what can be done to address this key risk factor for road traffic deaths and injuries. The Fourth UN Global Road Safety Week seeks to increase understanding of the dangers of speed and generate action on measures to address speed, thereby saving lives on the roads.


Speed contributes to around one-third of all fatal road traffic crashes in high-income countries, and up to half in low- and middle-income countries.


The Save Lives: #SlowDown campaign will be hosted on a new platform at which is launching soon!

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We will be assisting the World Health Organization (WHO) on the coordination, production and dissemination of the fourth week. This week will follow the legacy of the #SaveKidsLives campaign, which was highly interactive and engaging attracting over 1 million people globally in support of its message.


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In developing the week, a new online platform will be created to host the week, which will also host information about all other weeks. This ensures that the fourth week and subsequent weeks will be consistently engaging, easy to navigate and connected.

Stay tuned for more updates!