Distracted Driving, Josh's Story - the real impact of a life lost

Distracted Driving, Josh's Story - the real impact of a life lost

The London Health Science Center in Ontario, Canada recently shared a heart wrenching story of distracted driving that profoundly affected a family in 2009. Josh, a popular and talented man young man was in the prime of his life, a life which was cut short in an instance because of distracted driving.

When a young life is lost on the road, it often becomes statistic added to the relentless death toll that is road traffic crashes. However, we know that behind every single life lost, the human tragedy is unquatifiable. Every day over 1000 young people are killed on the world's roads and these deaths are more than just a number, they are brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, friends and loved ones.

Josh's Story was recently shared with us by the London Health Science Center (LHSC) in Ontario Canada. Josh's Story has been captured in video and recalls the heartbreaking accounts, the moment when Josh was killed on the road because of distracted driving. The video recalls the moment in poignant conversations with friends and family.

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Friends and family recall the moment that they heard that Josh had been involved in a road crash.

The devastation that is left behind when a young person is killed on the road is the key focus of the film. Josh's friends recall the moment where they heard that 'Josh was gone' and the moment where they heard that the reason behind Josh's death was because he reached for his mobile phone while driving. This split second of distraction caused Josh to 'end up in a ditch' and cause injuries that tragically cost his life.

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The film acts as a real life example of the tragic consequences road traffic crashes can have.

In the hope of preventing such instances happening to other families, Josh's parents hope to raise awareness of his story so as young people are aware of the speed in which a life can be taken because of distracted driving. LHSC say, "A moment of distraction led to a personal tragedy for a local family. We all make decisions, every day, sometimes the consequences of those decisions can be so final. This is Josh's Story. We hope that this video makes you think twice before reaching for a phone or texting while driving".

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