Join us!


We believe young people should be part of the road safety solution. Start by being a role-model and pledge to be a road safety champion below!


Become a Youth Champion for Road Safety. This is what it takes!

You pledge to..

  • use a seatbelt
  • wear a helmet
  • respect the speed limits
  • not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • not get distracted when driving
  • be visible on the road as pedestrian or cyclist
  • know how to react in the case of a crash

And you want to take action! You commit to...

  • act as a role-model for your friends, family and your community.
  • learn about road safety. Download the Youth and Road Safety Action Kit, which is an easy and good introduction to road safety.
  • spread the word: You don’t have to be a professional or formally engaged in the field to talk about road safety. Spread the word among your family, friends, colleagues, and anyone else you know. You could use our posters!
  • join our campaigns. For example you could check out the UN Road Safety Week campaigns and help promote it.

Join the movement!