Michelin - Founding Member

Michelin is a founding Member of YOURS and has been a supporter of our work since its inception in 2009. We have a long term partnership and are working together to improve the road safety for young people worldwide.

"Every year, road crashes are responsible for 1.35 million deaths and 50 million injuries worldwide. We realize the terrible fact that more than 227,000 young people under the age of 20 die from road crashes. It is the leading cause of death among 17-29 year old.

Safety is at the heart of everything we do at Michelin. We believe it is our responsibility to make mobility safer all over the world. Safe mobility is essential as it helps to make mobility better and more accessible to all. The involvement of the young generation is essential to meet the challenge of road safety".


florent"Involving young people means benefiting from their experience and their energy to imagine new solutions to make mobility safer everywhere in the world".

"Mobilizing young people around road safety also means raising awareness among future drivers and being by their side".

Florent Menegaux

CEO, Michelin
& Michelin Corporate Foundation

Michelin Corporate Fondation



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