Amend is a long term supporter of YOURS and have collaborated with us on numerous programmes including our efforts to #SaveKidsLives around the world. We have began working with Amend it its capacity development workshops to improve infrastructure around some of the world's most dangerous journey to school for children. 

We recently joined Amend to train NGO leaders in Ghana.

Amend's Executive Director, Jeffrey Witte described YOURS trainings as follows, "Workshops can be dull, death-by-PowerPoint exercises in tedium. The team at YOURS takes workshops to a whole new level, designing engaging, exiting workshops that help groups achieve their goals in fun ways. The difference between a normal workshop and a YOURS workshop is like the difference between a grey, drizzly winter day, and an afternoon in the early-summer sun."

About Aend
Amend's vision is a future in which vulnerable road users in sub-Saharan Africa are as safe as road users anywhere in the world.

Their mission is to develop, implement, and evaluate evidence-based interventions to reduce the incidence of road traffic injury among the most vulnerable road users in Africa today while working to help create an environment for long-term, sustainable injury reduction.

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