Member of the Supervisory Board

After my PhD in computer science, I worked at a global IT company for 17 years in the field of traffic management. I soon discovered that the humans behind the machines are far more interesting than the machines itself. This resulted in shifting from traffic management to mobility management: enable people to travel to their work in a sustainable and safe way.

10 years ago, together with several partners I started a company in the area of mobility management and behavioral change. With a strong emphasis on the latter, because mobility is not only about the system it’s also (or even more) about our behavior within the system.

During these 10 years we’ve build a successful company of around 30 enthusiastic and committed colleagues. Our purpose is building a sustainable mobility system from both a citizen and an employer perspective, thus bringing more happiness into the mobility system (or ‘mobiliteits-geluk’, as we call it in Dutch).

Our motto is re-thinking mobility, and this is exactly how we approach our assignments and contribute to our purpose: always challenging the status quo and looking for solutions outside the box. With this approach we’ve been able to help both employers and (local)governments to improve on their mobility policy and the behavior of their employees and citizens respectively.

The past two years I’ve been the director of our company, which means I was responsible for the operational side of the company (make it run smoothly so to speak). It’s our policy that this position is fulfilled by another partner every couple of years, keeping it fresh and dynamic. As of January this year I swapped positions and am now responsible for the market side of our company in the private sector

With my years of experience in both traffic and mobility management combined with the experience I have in building a successful organization I look forward to contributing to the YOURS organization.