Raquel  Barrios

Raquel Barrios

Executive Director
Raquel was born in Nicaragua but she currently lives in Madrid. She has always worked in the non-profit sector with different development causes, such as poverty, inequalities, children's rights, and sustainable cities and communities. Most of her experience was developed in the various roles she was given at TECHO and Save the Children, working with youth and children worldwide, but especially in the Latin American region. Her expertise in organizational management, project strategy, and operations. 
Executive Director
The Executive Director is responsible for the overall management and direction of the YOURS organization in conformity with its Strategy 2025. The Executive Director acts as the manager of the Leadership Team, including the Projects Director, Advocacy Director, and Capacity Development Director. The position of Executive Director is full-time and works remotely.

While the other members of the Leadership Team report to the ED, the ED reports primarily to the Supervisory Board through the Chair of the Supervisory Board and the other Statutory Directors.