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YOURS is a global organization that acts to make the world's roads safe for youth.


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YOURS is a direct follow-up of the United Nations World Youth Assembly for Road Safety in 2007. More than 400 young people from over a 100 countries gathered to discuss the global road safety crisis and how young people can be part of the solution. One of the main wishes of the Youth Ambassadors was the creation of a global youth organization that would lead a global youth movement for road safety. These young people, representing the youth of the world, are as a collective one of the three Founding Members of YOURS.

Our second Founding Member is the World Health Organization. They have been the architect of the 1st World Youth Assembly for Road Safety and championed youth involvement in road safety.

After presenting the plans of creating YOURS, we received a generous start-up grant from Michelin, who is our 3rd Founding Member of YOURS and has been a long-term supporter of our work through their Michelin Corporate Foundation.

in 2009, after a full year of planning and preparations under the auspices of the World Health Organization, YOURS was officially launched during the First Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety in Moscow, Russia. We started our activities early 2010.

In 2010, YOURS became an official member of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC), the body for road safety issues through the UN system. 

In 2014 YOURS' Youth Empowerment Programme received global recognition and was award Best Road Safety Initiative by the Fundacion MAPFRE's Global Social Innovation Awards. The Award was handed out by Queen Sofia of Spain.

In 2017, YOURS won the Prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for its Youth Empowerment Programme.

In 2020, YOURS was granted special consultative status at the UN Economic and Social Council, allowing it to actively engage with ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies. As a special consultant, YOURS is able to push the road safety movement forward and engage formally in the ECOSOC Youth Forum

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"We need a revolution for
action on road safety."

"During the new Decade of Action 2021-2030 the world has to deliver the most ambitious road safety target ever set: to halve road deaths and injuries globally. Surely we must look to young people to lead and energize this revolution."


Floor Lieshout

Founder / Executive Director - YOURS

Beliefs and Values

Young people have a right to be adequately informed, consulted and empowered on road safety. YOURS believes that youth themselves have a vital role to help save lives on the world’s roads. After all, this is the biggest threat to their lives. Young people can do so much to contribute. Is there any group better placed to act as role models, lead peer education, raise awareness, mobilize communities and advocate for change? Therefore we believe:

It is unacceptable that youth continue to die and get injured on the world´s roads. Knowing that:

  • Road traffic injuries are the #1 killer of young people aged 15-29
  • The Global Goals has a specific road safety target: by 2030, halve the number of global deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents

In order to reach the road safety target by 2030, we strongly believe:

  • in the high potential of youth to lead a road safety revolution
  • it is essential to empower young people to take action
  • in meaningful youth participation in all phases and levels of decision-making
  • in peer-to-peer communication to inform youth and indirectly the community at large
  • in taking a positive approach that focuses on the value of life

Our Vision


We envision a world where not a single person dies or gets seriously injured due to a road traffic crash. This would be transformative for youth globally.

We imagine safe and sustainable mobility systems that are accessible and affordable for everyone in all parts of the world, regardless of age, gender, education  level, disability or socioeconomic status. 

These mobility systems have been co-created with and by young people in a meaningful way at all levels and stages of decision making.


Our Mission

YOURS is a global organization that works with and for young people to demand and deliver road safety and sustainable mobility.


Operational Details & Policies

Stichting YOURS – Youth for Road Safety is officially registered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands as a global not-for-profit and non-governmental organization for youth and road safety under the Chamber of Commerce number 34368904.

Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy
We take a zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and will uphold all laws relevant to countering bribery and corruption in all the jurisdictions in which we operate. You can read our policy here.

Partnership Engagement Policy
Understand how we engage with partners, as well as the principles laying behind. It also aims to give clarity to our partners on the terms YOURS will collaborate with them. Read our policy here.

Equality and Diversity Policy
This policy reinforces our commitment to promote equality and fairness. YOURS is committed to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion. Read our policy here.

Privacy Policy
Read our website disclaimer and privacy policy here.

yours annual reportAnnual Reports

We have began the process of documenting our key areas of work, projects, activities and initiatives for review. Our Annual Report offers transparency on the work we do, how we do it and where we do it.

Our Annual Reports can be downloaded here: 

Annual Report 2022 Annual Report 2021

Annual Report 2020 Annual Report 2019

Annual Report 2018 Annual Report 2017

Annual Report 2016 Annual Report 2015



Our Partners

Our Team

Raquel  Barrios

Raquel Barrios

Executive Director
Manpreet Darroch

Manpreet Darroch

Capacity Development Director
Stefania Minniti

Stefania Minniti

Advocacy Director
Iván  Víquez Solórzano

Iván Víquez Solórzano

Senior Project Manager
John  Mwikwabe

John Mwikwabe

Junior Project Manager
Sana'a Khasawneh

Sana'a Khasawneh

Advocacy and Campaigns Manager


Capacity Development Manager
Kenneth  Mulinde

Kenneth Mulinde

Senior Communications Manager
Maolin Macatangay

Maolin Macatangay

Junior Communications Manager

Supervisory Board

Our organization is guided over by a Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board oversees the long-term objectives of the organization and ensures that the by-laws and rules governing the organization’s activities are observed. Currently, our Supervisory Board has three members and has no vacancies.

yours svb bld

You can read more about their roles and a short biography below.

Prof. Adnan A. Hyder

Prof. Adnan A. Hyder

Chair of the Supervisory Board
Prof. Shanthi  Ameratunga

Prof. Shanthi Ameratunga

Member of the Supervisory Board


Member of the Supervisory Board

YOURS has been the leading global youth organization for road safety since 2010.

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