Alexander Revskiy

Alexander Revskiy

Coordinator of the Russian Federation



"We are delighted to share our experience with young people who want to get involved in tackling the problems of road safety in Russia. We provide support and bring together their best ideas, in order to make them as accessible and effective as possible on the vast scale of our country".

Alexander has been involved with various civil society projects for some time, ranging from corporate social responsibility to projects to support talented young Russians. There came a point when he realised it would be possible to combine his long-standing love of cars with social responsibility which lead him to work for Road Safety Russia.

Within the context of the public awareness campaigns run by his organization, Road Safety Russia, a great deal of effort goes into work with young people. This is partly because young people are one of the most vulnerable groups and also because they are the most receptive – changing the habits and influencing the behaviour of adults is much more difficult.

Road Safety Russua is currently actively developing partnerships with a number of youth organisations, with the aim of joining forces with them to reduce accident rates on Russian roads.

Alexander told YOURS, "As a member of the CORE Group I intend to inform the representatives of the different countries about new projects being implemented in Russia. I hope to share the expertise and experience of our organisation in running public awareness campaigns and to discuss the development of a youth road safety movement in Russia".

6 September 1984