Youth Champions

We inspire youth to act as ‘agents of change’. They are beacons and road safety role models for their peers, as well as advocates for road safety action.


Meet our Youth Champions.

We have been recruiting young people around the world as Youth Champions for Road Safety! They are the future of road safety decision making and working across the world to inspire young people to be safe on the road.

Together they form a global network of youth champions for road safety. Our informal network acts as an umbrella for active organizations, individuals, academia, campaigners and people working for youth and road safety across the world. The network represents over 300 organizations in more than 100 countries and represents every single region.

Regional Champions

The YOURS' Regional Champions are the ‘coordinators of the regions’ who represent 10 regions of the world. The group works to be closer to young people on the ground, to offer regional support, resources, opportunities and are integral in YOURS' work to develop youth capacities in road safety.

The initiative started in 2012 and representatives are volunteers active in road safety in their regions. In 2014, a new group of Regional Champions were selected and for the first time, represented all regions of the world.

Meet the Regional Champions


Road Safety Champions at the Country Level

These young people are passionate about road safety at the national level. They come from the comprehensive realm covering injuries, disabilities, violence and its related burden and relationship with other public health challenges. Our National Champions are closer to the ground and report to their Regional Champion. Their role is to initiate road safety action on a country level.

Currently, we have National Champions in Anglophone Africa and a range of countries where we have trained young people through our innovative workshops. Our aim is to have national champions representing road safety issues, who act as role models and agents of change in every country of the world!


Meet the National Champions


Road safety starts with you!

As a young person, road safety is the biggest threat to your life with road crashes being the single biggest killer of young people the world over. We are standing up against this rising trend and inspiring our fellow peers to become road safety champions. You can become a road safety champion very easily! By pledging to simple road safety measures and becoming a road safety role model, you are immediately joining the mission to save lives on the road!

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Road safety starts with YOU

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