Zero is the only acceptable number - TAC Victoria's touching campaign

Zero is the only acceptable number - TAC Victoria's touching campaign

Towards Zero is Victoria's (Australia) plan to ensure no one is seriously injured on our roads. It acknowledges that we all face risks on our roads. But our choice to use the road shouldn't cost us our lives.

That's why we need to ensure we have a safe transport system in place. Together we can build a system that protects us from our own mistakes and those of others.

The Towards Zero road safety principles are also in place across most Australian states and territories. Overseas, many other countries have adopted the same principles (also known as Vision Zero), including: Sweden, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Norway and large cities in the US, such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston.

A touching video from the campaign explains to a seemingly random person the number of deaths of Australia's roads, when asked what he thought would be an 'acceptable number' he says 'erm, around 70?'. The video then goes on to show 70 people in real life that turn out to be the man's family.

The video shows the human side the road safety campaigning. Where we often get caught up in numbers, statistics or nameless deaths; this campaign puts human life back in the centre of the picture highlighting that zero lives lost is the most acceptable number.

The campaign is backed up by strong evidence on what needs to change to save lives: safe roads, safe speeds safe vehicles and safe people.


Everyone has a role to play in keeping safe on  roads.  There are people all around us who have survived crashes thanks to life-saving road safety initiatives.  Here are just a handful of everyday people telling their stories, we call them our living proof. They help show us how we can achieve a future where no person dies or is seriously hurt on our roads.

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