Youth road safety education workshop at Australasian conference

Youth road safety education workshop at Australasian conference

A special conference is taking place next week, the Australasian Road Safety Research, Policing and Education Conference is to be hosted in Brisbane from August 28 to 30, 2013. Our Western Pacific CORE Group Member - Mr Joel Tucker will attending the conferencing and representing YOURS in a dedicated workshop on engaging young people in road safety education.

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This conference is the premier annual road safety conference in Australasia, as it brings together leading researchers, practitioners and policy-makers from Australasia and overseas to share knowledge about best practice in road safety.

The theme of the 2013 conference is “vision, action, results”. The National Road Safety Strategy outlines an ambitious vision for road safety, and the conference will focus on the actions required to achieve these results, including presentations on the results of the latest evaluations and strategies that have contributed to reduced road trauma. There will be a focus on the evidence we currently have available, and how everyone with an interest in road safety can work together to achieve the targeted reduction in serious casualties.


The conference program will cover all areas of road safety, with the program to reflect the Safe Systems approach adopted in the National Road Safety Strategy. The conference will include sessions on safe roads and roadsides, safe speeds, safe vehicles and safe road users, and a variety of other sessions that showcase the broad scope of work being conducted in the road safety field.
The conference theme will be explored in the keynote and concurrent presentation sessions, and more interactive sessions designed to generate outcome focussed debate about the way forward for road safety. 

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YOURS CORE Group Representative for the Western Pacific Region - Mr Joel Tucker will attend the conference and run a workshop on educating young people in road safety.

Details of Youth and Road Safety Education Workshop 
The workshop takes place as part of 'Wednesday Workshops' on Wednesday 28th August. Young people are consistently over-represent ed in road crashes and road trauma. This over-representation has been attributed to inexperience, under-developed higher order cognitive and decision-making skills and an increased propensity to engage in risk taking behaviour.
Purpose of workshop
The purpose of this workshop is to explore youth road safety education, focussing both on recent advances in engaging youth as students of road safety education, but also on capacity building and harnessing youth as road safety ambassadors to their peers.

This workshop will involve a number of brief presentations and group discussions on the following topics:

Case studies in youth road safety education:
  • Fit2Drive Program
  • Road safety education in New Zealand schools
  • RRISK Program
  • PARTY Program
Engaging youth in road safety:
  • Youth for Road Safety (YOURS)
Group discussions:
  • what are the areas/topics/demographics in road safety education where young people aren’t currently involved and/or targeted?
  • howcan we assist young people to become more involved in road safety, taking more ownership and becoming involved in road safety education themselvesparticularly for those topics/areas/issues/demographics identified in the earlier discussion?

If you would like to contact Joel Tucker about the conference you can do so by clicking here and contacting him.


Youth and Road Safety Education Workshop


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