Youth flashmob for road safety takes place in Athens, Greece

Youth flashmob for road safety takes place in Athens, Greece

As part of the Second UN Global Road Safety Week a flashmob was organized in Syntagma Square, Greece and promoted the message "Stop Road Crashes". The stunt was organized in Athens by the Hellenic Road Safety Institute (I.O.A.S) - RSI Panos Mylonas with the support of the European Comission and the European Youth Forum for Road Safety.

IOAS Panos Mylonas Announced:

"Big thanks to all volunteers (choreographer Fokas Evagelinos, dance teachers and dancers) for their enthusiastic participation and support as well as all the Authorities who facilitated this impressive event"

The event bought together a group of young people in the Square in Athens, Greece and the undergoing of a live, orchestrated dance to grab attention to the unexecpecting public.

What is a Flashmob?
A flash mob (or flashmob) is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and seemingly pointless act for a brief time, then quickly disperse, often for the purposes of entertainment, satire, and artistic expression. Flash mobs are organized via telecommunications, social media, or viral emails.

In this case, the flashmob was organized to raise awareness of the United Nations Global Road Safety Week to raise awareness of the cause of pedestrian safety with the immediate audience in the square at the time but also leave a legacy of the event captured in a video.

IOAS thanked Mr. Fokas Evagelinos for the choreography and the teachers and the volunteers - students of his dance school who embraced the effort of RSI, our volunteers and all those who contributed to the achievement of the road safety flash mob. The also thanked George G. Mylonas and Iacovos Argyridis for the event song «Stamata» (stop running / slow down) being the soundtrack of the flash-mob.

The flashmob was a stylish choreographed dance raising awareness of road safety at the end.

The event was coordinated with the support of and with thanks to:

  • the Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection, the Road Traffic Police and the Road Traffic Police of Attica,
  • the Municipality of Athens, the Municipal Police and the Administration of Cleaning -- Recycling and Maintenance of the Mechanical Equipment,
  • the Attica Perfecture, the Administration of Road Maintenance and Construction Works, • the Athens Urban Transport Organisation,
  • the Ministry of Development, Infrastructure, Transport and Networks,
  • Mr. Kostas Michalos of the SIMA SA for his contribution to the restoration of markings of pedestrian crossing,
  • DIAGEO for its contribution to the program implementation,
  • AXA insurance for the civil liability insurance of dancers and participants,
  • the PUBLIC stores and McDonalds in Filellinon street and the cafe brasserie «Ethnikon» for their hospitality facilitating our volunteers,
  • the Greek Scout Movement, the «Smile of the Child» for their volunteer presence,
  • All the drivers, pedestrians and citizens who were present, supported and participated actively and enthusiastically in the successful realization of the event,
  • The TV channels ANT-1, MEGA, NET, ALPHA, SKAI, STAR, the radio stations Alpha, Skai, Vima FM for the coverage and communication of the message of the event,
  • our associates and representatives of the European Youth Forum and the European
  • Commission for their trust and help to our work in the aim of RSI Panos Mylonas to prevent road crashes.

You can find more information about the organization that coordinated the flashnmob on their Facebook Page here.

You can watch the video of the flashmob in action in the right column!



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