Youth and road safety conference to take place in Abu Dhabi

Youth and road safety conference to take place in Abu Dhabi

An international conference with the theme "Youth and Road Safety ... Challenges and Solutions" takes place in Abu Dhabi on November 27 to 28, 2013. A conference organized by The Emirates Traffic Safety Society (ETSS), La Prévention Routière International (PRI) and Arab Road Safety Organization (AROSO). 


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The United Arab Emriates (UAE) Abu Dhabi, will be the backdrop for the event.

Introduction to the conference from the organizers
In addition to the impact of traffic accidents on social tragedies, road crashes also represent the costs and burdens of the economic and health aspects. Youth are the most important target groups of this problem, according to statistics issued by the World Health Organization (WHO). The vast majority of the victims of traffic accidents are the young people.

The report which is also released by the United Nations, under the title "Youth and Road Safety" indicated that traffic accidents annually result in the loss of nearly 400 thousand lives of young people under the age of 25 years, along with hundreds of thousands of injured and disabled. The same report confirms that the vast majority of these deaths and injuries included low-and middle-income countries. The highest rates are found in Africa and the Middle East. 

Young people from economically disadvantaged backgrounds are at greatest risk in all countries. Males are also more likely than females to risk the death from traffic accidents, in every age group under 25 years old. Traffic accidents are still a problem worrying security agencies in the United Arab Emirates and the public despite the decline in 2012 numbers, compared to 2011. These numbours represented the number of deaths and injuries and the effects on other social life, in addition to material losses in the property damage which cost the economy a lot of money.

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Road crashes remain the biggest killer of young people globally.

Who are the young people? The definition of youth is according to the specifics of communities, cultures and countries in terms of identifying the age group. Some countries classified youth based on the definition adopted by the United Nations,young people in the age group between 15 - 24 years old. Other countries adopted the age group of 15 to 39 years. Several international and regional organizations active in the fields of traffic safety and the prevention of road accidents refer to the youth who are aged between 16 - 30 years old. This is also consistent with the economic level of the various countries of the world, and the social situation and family status. 

Why Focus on Youth? There is no future without youth. Youth category represents the beating heart of the nations and the people's march towards progress and prosperity. It is important to cope with the difficulties and the challenges efficiently and effectively. The safety of youth thinking and good planning and management prepare the youth for the future and preparing the future for young people. It means that the focus on establishing of an integrated system to ensure young people the right to health, safety and sound education balanced in an environment that is safe and immune from all kinds of risks that threaten their lives. We should provide them with all the ingredients that will help them to develop their talents and and building their way firmly in life.  

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Read the Middle Eastern Youth Declaration for Road Safety 2010

The Global Dimensions of the Conference. The UAE's approach to the issues of youth is considered a pioneer because it was founded on the forward-looking vision made the aspirations of young which is approved by the UAE’s strategies and plans. The approach should have a local and a global dimensions and deals with issues of concern to young people at the local and global levels. It should be also humane and with noble values. The dialogue between cultures and civilizations, coexistence and reconciliation on issues warrants the organization of International Conference on Youth and Safety on the road in Abu Dhabi. Because transitions and developments at the global level poses a number of problems and challenges, it is necessary to take various dimensions and examine ways to deal with this issue. Youth’s character building should have a balanced values that allow the young man to cope with transitions and deal with the latest developments. Youth should be engaged effectively in the path of development, and ensures at the same time that they are maintaining the national privacy and and are vaccinated against the risk of recklessness. This lead to balanced and safe community with civilized behavior.

Conference Objectives: 
  • Highlight the magnitude of the traffic accidents problem internationally which is involve young people and their social and economic impacts.
  • Understand the nature of this problem from the perspective of youth, and to see the vision and the role they can play to change the behavior of young drivers on the road.
  • To encourage youth involvement in voluntary work and enhance their participation in public affairs, to activate their citizenship role in a positive way and to prepare them to take responsibility and motivate them to participate in the formulation and implementation of the various initiatives that will enhance the elements of traffic safety and protect them from the dangers of the road. It include the pursuit of the noblest and loftiest goals of universal human rights "the right to life first."
  • Exchange of experiences and expertise in dealing with the global behavior of young people on the road, and review of the solutions that have been adopted in the developed countries that have succeeded in taking into account the social, cultural and economic factors.
  • Search scientific and psychological ways to ensure the positive impact in young people's behavior utilizing various media, especially modern methods of communication used by young people.
  • Highlight the results of research and studies carried out in a number of countries, which focused on the issue of young victims of traffic accidents. This also include solutions that emphasize the efforts of all parties in society, and strengthening cooperation and partnership between them in order to protect young people from the traffic accidents. It also include the development of mechanisms for involving them in promoting their issues and make them more positive to keep pace with their concerns and interests. 
The themes of the conference consist of the following:

  1. The size of the involvement of young people in traffic accidents from the reality of statistical analysis?
  2. Negative behaviors on the roads among young people and its factors and causes, definition, psychological and physiological factors and social conditions.
  3. The best ways to influence the traffic behavior of the youth and the role of traffic education and proper upbringing of the youth as a joint responsibility between the family and the community.
  4. Driving before including after obtaining the license: evaluation of curricula and good practices.
  5. Graduated driver's license based on age and statistics for the application and usefulness of this measure on reducing youth’s incidents.
  6. Awareness campaigns and the media: content and media success and failures.
  7. Modern technologies inside the vehicles: feasibility studies and the balance between the promotion of the elements of safety, security, and serious concern and lack of attention.
  8. Negative repercussions for advertising and marketing commercials for fast cars among young people.
  9. Youth and volunteer work: how to motivate them to formulate and implement initiatives in traffic awareness and sending messages through associations and civil society components to governmental and non-governmental organizations.
  10. Shared responsibility in dealing with the problem: the different role of the institutions and state’s bodies and society in the reduction of negative behaviors among young people and international cooperation in this field.


Conference date and venue: 27-28 November 2013, Abu Dhabi, UAE

More details will be shared in due course.