Youth Driving Road Safety for a Sustainable Future - Webinar with MVA

Youth Driving Road Safety for a Sustainable Future - Webinar with MVA

We have teamed up with the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund of Namibia (MVA) to participate in a Youth Road Safety Webinar. Road traffic injuries are globally the leading causes of death of young people. This is unacceptable and avoidable. Youth themselves play an important role in preventing these tragedies, for example by being role models, talking with their peers, and advocating for improved road safety wherever they are. According to the MVA Fund Annual Crash and Claims Report 2019, about half (46%) of the number of persons injured were the youth (16-35 years) 46% and another 10% of those injured were children of 15 years and younger. Young person’s records 45% of those killed in road crashes, and another 15% were children 15 years and younger of those who died.

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The first ever World Youth Assembly for Road Safety was held during the first United Nations Global Road Safety Week in 2007, providing a unique opportunity for youth from around the world to collaborate on global road safety issues. Together, more than 200 young delegates from over 100 countries discussed ways in which national success stories can be disseminated, and explored different methods of implementing the Youth Declaration for Road Safety. At the Assembly, these young delegates were inspired, empowered, and encouraged to serve as ambassadors at home and abroad by advocating road safety in their country, region, and the global community at large.

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Namibia attended the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety in Stockholm, Sweden from 19-20 February 2020. Presentations were done by the World Youth Assembly on Road Safety highlighting the scourge of unnecessary deaths of young people in developing countries and demanded to be part of the decision making towards creating more sustainable, accessible and safe transport systems. Subsequently, it was resolved to consider a Youth Road Safety Summit – the first of its kind to be hosted by MVA Fund. The timeline is set to be around June 16, 2020 which also marks some international youthful events such as Day of the African Child (DAC).

The webinar will be live on MVA  Facebook on Tuesday 16th June: 2-4pm (CAT) - GMT+2




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