YOURS Participates in MAASH Forum

YOURS Participates in MAASH Forum

From the 27th of September to the 2nd of October, the Interregional Association of Driving Schools of Russia, entitled MAASH, organized the 13th International Conference “Driving School – 2010” in Sochi, in Russia, located on the south coast of the Black Sea.With the assistance of the Road Safety Department under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Federal Education Agency of Russia, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Transport, the Association MAASH gathered some 427 participants representing 58 regions of the Russian Federation.

Considering that Russia counts 83 regions, this event is a unique conference on road safety within the country reaching such a huge number of provinces in the same time.

Amongst the participants were standing representatives of Driving Schools, of awareness NGOs, of the Parliament (State Duma) and of the Federation Council (Government), an international delegation representing Belgium, Austria, Moldova, Abkhazia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, several members of the Road Traffic Safety Commission, major international Centers for driver training, the media, some education management Bodies experts and Road Traffic Safety State Inspection under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and of course, last but not least, our global NGO: YOURS.

With much motivation and desire to bring MAASH all the relevant pieces of information to enable the, to join YOURS and build a Russian network. Axl defined in collaboration with MAASH preset objectives regarding YOURS involvement into this brilliant and fantastic initiative:

Create a unique and strong core within a Russian network of active youngsters fighting for a better road safety. More importantly, on this huge territory the core will be modeled on the European Youth Forum experience and linked to YOURS.

Help national/local NGO’s to continue the development of road safety awareness campaigns targeting youngsters, by providing high quality knowledge, material and tailor made campaigns in order to ease the implementation of road safety cost efficient yet qualitative events.

A more in depth report can be found on the attachment link.