YOURS awarded by MAPFRE Foundation in Madrid

YOURS awarded by MAPFRE Foundation in Madrid

FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE has announced its 2014 Social Awards. These international prizes recognize people and institutions that have made outstanding contributions for the benefit of society. This year there were over 450 nominations. The Jury selected YOURS unique Capacity Development Programme as the Best Road Safety initiative in 2014. The Award comes with a grant of 30,000 euros. Her Majesty Queen Sofía of Spain chaired the Award Ceremony on the 18th of June at the prestigious Casino of Madrid.


Globally, road traffic crashes are the number one killer of young people, ahead of HIV/Aids, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. Every day more than 1000 young lives (under the age of 25 years1) are lost and thousands more young people are injured on the world's roads. The numbers are not merely statistics. Behind each number are a person, a family, a friend and a story of how life can change in an instant. But there is hope. Youth want to be part of the road safety solution and claim a seat at the road safety decision-making table.

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YOURS accepts award for 'Best Prevention and Road Safety Initiative' from her Majesty Queen Sophia of Spain

In response to this crisis, many young people set out to become road safety activists, raising awareness to those around them and advocating for the cause to their governments for more serious action. The global youth movement for road safety is gaining pace but there are still many who find road safety information inaccessible to them and there are lots more passionate individuals who need guidance in getting started.

This is precisely why YOURS developed their Capacity Development Programme. The Programme has three elements: the Youth and Road Safety Action Kit, the Youth and Road Safety Workshops and its flagship workshop, an intensive two-week Training of Facilitators. The Programme has been created by young people for young people and maximizes learning through fun and active participation.

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Director of YOURS Floor Lieshout delivers his speech in thanks of all the supporters of YOURS at the Madrid ceremony.

The Capacity Development Programme introduces youth to road safety, inspires them, and equips them with the knowledge and the skills they need to take immediate action. The Programme is attractive, youth friendly and highly interactive, giving much needed attention to the global road safety threat facing young people. Workshops have been conducted all over the world including the Sultanate of Oman, Cambodia, Kenya, Niger, Italy, St.Lucia and Belize. The Programme has already reached tens of thousands of youth worldwide and continues to create ripples of road safety action the world over.

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On the importance of the Award, Floor Lieshout – Director of YOURS - Youth For Road Safety said:
“On behalf of the entire team of YOURS – Youth for Road Safety, it is an absolute honour to accept this distinguished award. We are thrilled to receive this award from such a well-respected organization, FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE, a leader in the field and esteemed colleague at the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration. It is an extreme pleasure to get this important recognition for our hard work over the past couple of years.”





YOURS Press Release - MAPFRE Award


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