YOURS at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum!

YOURS at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum!

With great pleasure YOURS will be joining the Michelin Challenge Bibendum in Chengdu, China next week. Since 1998 our Founding Member Michelin organizes the Challenge Bibendum and been bringing together political, industry, scientific, and media representatives to discuss the challenges of and solutions for sustainable road mobility. Approximately more than 6000 people will visit the event.


The intention of the Challenge Bibendum is to show that progress really is being made in mobility and the future is bright for road transportation that benefits society. Yes, there is a gap between what exists today, the challenges we face (in terms of energy, the environment, safety, and widespread access to effective mobility), and the slowness of the decision-making processes around the world.  But this gap can and must be closed! 

YOURS will be part of the Together, Connected for Road Safety booth. We will also join the working group session where the report on Connected Mobility will be presented to the wider public. 




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