YOURS signs new contract with Government of Belize on youth project

YOURS signs new contract with Government of Belize on youth project

We trained 34 youth in Belize from 2014-2016 and they have gone beyond expectations in reaching a large number of their peers in the country. The group, who have become the registered organization BYRS (Belizean Youth for Road Safety), exceeded their initial target of reaching 2000 young people through face-to-face workshops and extended their expertise to campaigning, producing and distributing road safety PSAs and informally reached thousands of young people through expos and events.

In a final review visit to the project, that took place in November 2016, the group illustrated ambition and a desire to continue in their work and were eager to build upon their current organizational structure.

belize action shotThe leadership of BYRS (Belizean Youth for Road Safety) expressed a desire to grow in terms of membership, to strengthen their organizational structure, to develop further partnerships and fundraising activities, and develop the resources they can offer. They have worked on a strategic plan that should lead BYRS towards becoming a sustainable organization; they seek advice and support to help operationalize the process.

YOURS will be supporting the organization in the new project and help increase the impact of the young leaders in the years to come.

In 2019 a new project is being undertaken with the Government of Belize, the Caribbean Development Bank and Amend. The project focuses on:

    With young the young leaders trained in the first phase of the project. These facilitators will take their work to the next level to become Master Trainers, with the ability to train other young people.

    Led by the Master Trainers and with support from YOURS to identify a new target of reaching thousands of young people across the country and bolstering the work of BYRS - Belizean Youth for Road Safety.

    By working with young people to identify a school to be improved using SARSAI (Amend)  and SR4S (iRAP) methodology.


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Our Executive Director, Floor Lieshout visited Belize on an 'Inception Mission' to run focus groups across the country with Town Councils and key road safety stakeholders to assess the impact and plan for phase 2 of the project.


Mr Floor Lieshout (YOURS) and Ms Yvonne Hyde (Government of Belize)
renew the contract for Belize 2.0 project.


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