YOURS leads session on road safety during Online Asia Pacific Regional meeting

YOURS leads session on road safety during Online Asia Pacific Regional meeting

Last Friday, July 16, YOURS - Youth for Road Safety Communications Officer Maolin Macatangay leads the session on Road Safety and Road Traffic Injuries during the Online Asia Pacific Regional Meeting (APRM) under the IFMSA - International Federation of Medical Students Associations. The APRM is part of the annual regional meetings that strengthen the link between the IFMSA students to promote the development of new projects at a regional scale.

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IFMSA Regional Meetings
IFMSA holds regional meetings for its members that take place every year and are hosted by at least one National Member Organization (NMO). The IFMSA Regional Meetings are available for the members of the IFMSA. It is announced by the Organizing Committees on the IFMSA Servers and is preceded by a pre-regional meeting.

The 2021 Online Asia Pacific Regional Meeting ran from July 14 to July 21. The theme for this year’s meeting was This Information or Disinformation: Our Fear of the Solution. IFMSA Regional Leader for the Asia Pacific, Matthew Chow, talked about the community within the region that helped bolster efforts of the IFMSA in public health.  

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“As youth, we must have the courage to really believe that we can offer perceptive insights into what is happening and initiate these conversations that, at times, maybe hard.” – Matthew Chow 

Road Safety and Road Traffic Injuries Session
During the session on road safety, Ms. Macatangay talked about how road safety is the leading killer of young people worldwide and how young people from low to middle-income countries are often the most affected.

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Apart from talking about road safety, the discussion also covered what young people are doing to combat the road safety crisis through the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety. The discussion covered how the Coalition is supporting young people in efforts to localize road safety efforts in their region.

screen shot 2021 07 16 at 10 33 24 pmDuring the session, it was emphasized that engaging young people are the key to achieve the SDG targets on road safety and for successful meaningful engagement and involvement in local and global public health and development efforts. “Meaningful youth engagement is both the means and the ends for sustained development”. 

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