Your Ideas Your Initiatives - European schools contest campaign

Your Ideas Your Initiatives - European schools contest campaign

Our friends at Your Ideas, Your Iniatives have launched a road safety summer contest aimed at young people and the world of education. You can play on their Facebook page and win a Kindle every 15 days! This competition is aligned with the yearly school project of Your Ideas, Your Iniatives, that encourages young people in schools to come with innovative road safety solutions and projects with the chance of winning prizes.

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The United Nations has declared 2011-2020 as the Decade of Action for Road Safety in order to contribute to a decrease in the number of deaths on the road worldwide. The Decade aims to mobilise public, private and civil society sectors and organisations to commit to improving road safety in their countries.  Renault officially supports the UN Decade for Action in Road Safety.

Renault’s educational programme “Safety and Mobility for All” is entering its eleventh year. So far, it has trained more than 12 million youngsters worldwide. The international project "YOUR ideas, YOUR initiatives" started in 2011. It involves many schools from selected countries around the world that are committed to achieving changes in their community with regards to road safety and sustainable mobility.

Teachers are invited to join this international initiative with their students (aged 15-17 years) to develop a participatory classroom project. The aim is to enable and encourage young people to contribute to overcoming some of the major challenges facing our society. The project is designed to inspire students to think about what changes could be made to make  roads safer and more sustainable, thereby improving all our lives.

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Young people can take part in the summer contest with a chance of winning an Amazon Kindle

The programme is structured in such a way that students, while improving safety and mobility in their community, are also educated to be active, democratic citizens who act and initiate change.A series of educational materials guide the teachers in their work with the classes: the teaching differs from the traditional behaviour-oriented education, and is based on an action competence approach.

The work with the students is structured in two steps, as the project invites youth to:

  1. Reflect upon key issues regarding road safety and sustainable mobility – “Your ideas”
  2. Implement an awareness campaign in their school or community– “Your initiatives”

Creativity is a central aspect of the project:  it promotes student participation and creative thinking, and motivates them to act in order to change their community. Teachers around the world are encouraged to join the "YOUR ideas, YOUR initiatives" project, using the form available on this website.

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