Join our All4Climate side event for COP - Conference of Parties

Join our All4Climate side event for COP - Conference of Parties

As part of the events under the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference scheduled this November 2021, the UNFCCC - United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change also organizes side events under All4Climate - an opportunity that provides different stakeholders with the opportunity to contribute to COP.

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All4Climate side events
All4Climate was launched by the Italian Ministry for Ecological Transition, the World Bank Group’s Connect4Climate, the Lombardy Region, and the Municipality of Milan. It encompasses the full lineup of climate events taking place during the Conference of Parties (COP) happening in Italy. The goal of the event is to make this year (2021) a landmark year for climate ambition and to foster proactive dialogue on the challenges of the climate crisis.

To support this, YOURS - Youth for Road Safety, the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety, Restless Development, and FIA Foundation have partnered to raise awareness and promote meaningful youth participation in decision-making spaces to demand action on the most pressing issues impacting youth globally.

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The event led by YOURS along with Restless Development and FIA Foundation is titled Move4Change: Mobilizing Youth for the Converging Agendas of Safe, Active, and Sustainable Mobility and Air Quality for Tackling Climate Change.

The event will bring together youth leaders, policymakers, and decision-makers from around the world to talk about the environment, climate action, public health, and road safety. Through an intergenerational dialogue, participants will share their ideas on how to implement safe, active, and sustainable mobility to end road traffic deaths and serious injuries, reduce transport emissions and mitigate climate change.

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The format of the event will be a round table/debate where policymakers and decision-makers will share their initiatives that converge agendas and promote safe, active, and sustainable transportation in their cities. Young leaders will then share their own and their peers' perceptions and what should be done to improve the situation. Together they will also discuss the importance of meaningful participation. Our aim is to find solutions amidst different backgrounds and perspectives.

Key actions discussed by youth leaders, policymakers, and decision-makers will be extracted and translated into a document that can be adopted by governments to tackle climate change and reduce premature deaths from road crashes and air pollution. This document will be shared with leaders attending the Ministerial Pre-COP.

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