Young pedestrians, ‘Look don’t Like’ when crossing roads

Young pedestrians, ‘Look don’t Like’ when crossing roads

A new initiative has been launched to address the problem of distraction among young pedestrians who use mobiles phones while crossing the road in the UK.


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‘Look don’t ‘Like’, produced by Room 9 Media, comprises a suite of resources including school gate banners, posters and pop up exhibition stands.

Road safety teams who buy into the campaign will also be provided with the graphics in a digital format and two presentations, one aimed at secondary school students and another for sixth forms and colleges in the UK.

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Room 9 Media points to a recent survey in which 27% of motorists who participated said they have nearly hit a pedestrian who was distracted by their mobile phone; and 8% said they have actually knocked into a pedestrian distracted by their phone.

John Billington, Room 9 Media, said:

“It’s a widespread problem and we’re approaching it with a punchy headline which can easily be transferred to different media and used effectively across a number of platforms. “We’re looking to push the hashtag on social media.”

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For more information about the campaign contact John Billington at and follow Room 9 Media on Twitter