World Crossing Campaign video is ready!

World Crossing Campaign video is ready!

We received lots of videos from young people from all over the world and we now have merged them together to create our awareness video! We would like to thank all participants for showing their commitment to making a change and keeping their peers safe on the road. The jury had a hard time selecting the best video, because there were so many good ones!  In the end they selected the participant who contributed with the best video(s), considering the theme ´visibility´ and road safety.

We wanted to create, together with you, a strong statement to the rest of the world that young people are committed to keep young people safe on the worlds´ roads. Many of you participated in the World Crossing Campaign and on the right hand side of this page you can view the end result! We would like to extend a massive thank you for all of your contributions and please feel free to link the video on your own website, Facebook or Twitter account with the links at the bottom.

With this video, young people have visibly united to stand up against the injustice of road crashes around the world! We are proud to gather this visible want for change and publish it in this video! Young people CAN make a difference in the forthcoming Decade of Action for Road Safety. 

And the winner is...
The jury had a very difficult task to select the best video, there were many great videos from all over the world, but they have managed and have selected a prize winner. The winner will have access to a grant of 1000 euro, dedicated to a road safety initiative for young people.

We are very proud to announce that the winner is: Mr. Siaka. K. Dibba from The Gambia. He made, together with his friends, 5 videos with different slogans and the result was both creative and exemplary of safe behaviour. We would like to congratulate him and we will contact him soon to follow up on his future campaign, funded by YOURS.

Special thanks
The World Crossing Campaign was a fruitful collaboration between the Tune into Traffic Campaign and YOURS. We would like to thank Manpreet Darroch for his endless efforts. Furthermore we would like to thank all participants that made the campaign a big success. We hope we can count on you again for our campaign next year which will be even bigger!

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