Western Pacific Update - Get Your Hand Off It Campaign launches

Western Pacific Update - Get Your Hand Off It Campaign launches

Our Regional Coordinator for the Western Pacific Region, Mr Joel Tucker updated us of recent campaign launched in New South Wales, Australia called, 'Get Your Hand Off It'. It offers a comical approach to a music video to raise awareness of distracted driving, created in three genres of music.

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Minister for Roads and Ports Duncan Gay today launched the next stage of the NSW Government’s ‘Get Your Hand Off It’ road safety campaign on mobile phone distraction.

During a visit to Tamworth, Minister Gay released new ‘Get Your Hand Off It’ videos including a country music version.

“This is one of the biggest road safety issues in NSW. Taking your hand off the wheel and taking your eyes off the road to text or use social media threatens the safety of all road users,” Minister Gay said.

“Our cheeky slogan ‘Get Your Hand Off It’ is about making the practice of using your phone while driving unacceptable. “It’s been hugely successful in sparking awareness of the risks. Our first You Tube video featuring Derek received more than 620,000 hits before being expanded to mainstream media.

gyhoi country
See the Country Version of Get Your Hand Off It

gyhoi hiphop
See the Hip Hop Version of Get Your Hand Off It

gyhoi rock
See the Rock Version of Get Your Hand Off It

“Today I’m delighted to launch new country, rock and hip hop clips, that will also become our next TV and radio advertisements.

“These new videos continue to follow Derek’s misadventures as he crashes his car while Instagramming his latte,” Minister Gay said. The member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson welcomed the broad appeal of the new videos.

“The music clips were created as a way of reaching a larger audience who may not have engaged with the campaign to date. “The NSW Government has been innovative in its approach to helping people understand the consequences of using their mobile phone while driving.

“No text, no status update and no photo is worth losing your life for,” Mr Anderson said.

Manpreet Darroch, Communications Officer at YOURS said, 'This is a very clever way of using music to transmit a campaign message with a humorous angle in genres of music videos that we have become accustomed to. I think this will have a wide appeal to young people who speak the common language of music'.

This update was provided by Joel Tucker - Western Pacific Regional Coordinator.






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