We will be live from Safety 2018 - World Safety Conference, Bagkok, Thailand

We will be live from Safety 2018 - World Safety Conference, Bagkok, Thailand

Next month (November 2018) we will be attending the Safety 2018 - the 13th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion (Safety 2018) will bring together over 1000 of the world's leading researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and activists to share information and experiences and to discuss solutions. The conference's major theme is “Advancing injury and violence prevention towards SDGs”.

Topics addressed by Safety 2018 include injury prevention and safety promotion. These are categorized by the type of injury, such as traffic injury, drowning, and burns, as well as violence-related injuries such as those resulting from child abuse and youth violence. Also included are cross-cutting issues such as policy making, data collection, and service for victims, among others.

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Inspired by the SDG commitments, World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion, entitled “Safety 2018”, will be convened in November 5-7, 2018 in Bangkok with the following objectives:

  1.  To share knowledge, experience, good practices, successful and non-successful stories, challenges of injury prevention and safety promotion in responses to SDGs.
  2. To promote safety and non-violence in all policies, and advocate effective multi-sectoral actions for safety and non-violence.
  3. To build and strengthen a global community of practice in order to promote safety and prevention of violence agenda worldwide.

The Conference will be hosted by Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health, and co-hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO), the National Institute for Emergency Medicine (NIEM) and the Thai Health Promotion Foundation.

Key topics to be focused on at the conference include:

Topics Key contents
1. Injuries and violence through the life course Epidemiology of child and adolescent safety; safety pedagogics; school and kindergarten safety and education; safety of people at working age and old people safety promotion and injury prevention.
2. Risk factors and high risk groups Alcohol, drugs and medicines related injuries; environmental risk factors; environmental safety in diverse environments, both built and natural; consumer and product safety, tourism and services as well as military, armed forces and safety are explored. (High risk groups such as older people and disabled people and their safety; client and patient safety; medical malpractice, legislation and reparations.
3. Causes and prevention of injury and accidents Water safety and drowning prevention; fire safety and burn injuries; brain injuries and concussions; occupational safety; poisonings; sports and exercise safety; transport safety with pedestrians and vehicles and falls prevention.
4. Causes and prevention of violence prevention of child maltreatment; consultation procedure in child maltreatment cases; forensic psychiatry approaches, intimate partner violence; violence and homicide prevention; youth violence; old people abuse.
5. Causes and prevention of self-harm and suicides Risk factors and protective factors; suicidal behaviors, suicide planning and suicide attempt, development of actions, suicide prevention strategies and programs; mental health promotion and positive mental health.
6. Strategies, plans and implementation of injuries and violence prevention The safety policies, strategies, legislation, action plans, also preparedness and resilience, natural disasters, environmental hazards, escalating accidents, civil protection, causes and risks of climate change, the concepts of safety culture, safety management and their practical forms, technological solutions and applications for safety as well as health technology in a form of prevention are explored.
7. Trauma care Trauma care and rehabilitation of injuries, first response, emergency medical care and post emergency management.
8. Safe Communities Safe Communities, Safe Children and Safe School initiatives

Our involvement in the conference
At the event we will be attended several events included the Pre-conference on Child Injury Prevention (CIPA and SAFE Kids), a WHO Focal Point Meeting and will be panelists in the "State of the Art Session Session on Road Safety" where we will present on meaningful youth particiaption in road safety and success stories.

YOURS will also be exhibiting materials at the official exhibition. If you are attending the conference, do come along and say hello at the CIPA and WHO stands, where you will find our materials. You can keep updated with us by following us on Twitter.

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