Watch the highlights from the Youth Stars Celebration event!

Watch the highlights from the Youth Stars Celebration event!

Earlier this month, graduates from the Youth Stars programme in collaboration with iRap - International Road Assessment Programme and Star Rating for Schools. During the celebration event, our graduates reflected on their training experience on Star Rating for Schools! Check out our video!


The celebration event gathered the graduates of the Youth Stars programme to look back on their journey about learning and interacting with the Star Rating for Schools methodology and tools.

Master Trainers Alex Ayub, Minh Vo, Daniel Cano, and Shantel Jacobs shared their congratulations with the graduates reminding them that the Youth Stars Programme was just the beginning of their journey to help advocate for roads that do not kill our dreams.

Finally, road safety leaders Floor Lieshout from YOURS, Shane O'Connor from FedEx, and Rafaela Machado from iRap shared their calls to action for the graduates to keep pushing for safer roads in their regions and communities to make sure that no child or student dies needlessly on their way to school.

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