Want safe roads for all? Ask your government to act at the UN!

Want safe roads for all? Ask your government to act at the UN!

The UN is currently consulting on which issues should be included in the post-2015 agenda. An important ‘Open Working Group’ meeting will take place in January 2014. Use the model letter and resources on this page to identify key policymakers in your country and ask them to ensure that safe and sustainable transport is included in the agenda. Specifically we are campaigning for a road safety target to be included in a Sustainable Transport or Health Goal.

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The international community is ramping up its efforts to include road safety on the sustainable development agenda. Culminating in the Long Short Walk and the MY World Global Survey alongside global lobbying, the international road safety community is calling on you to contact your UN representatives from your government and key decision makers and send the model letter (attached) encouraging your government to act at the UN for road safety.

The UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 is promoting cost effective solutions proven to reduce road casualties. Improving road design and vehicle safety; implementing motorcycle helmet and seat belt laws; and effective police enforcement have all succeeded in reducing death and injury in low, middle and high income countries alike. But many governments and international agencies must do more to prioritise road safety and integrate it into wider sustainable development agendas. Furthermore there is very limited international funding or policy support to catalyse national action plans and to help build capacity.  Such catalytic international support is urgently needed.

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Youth all around the world have an interest in walking for global road safety, now is a chance to influence the decision making process!

The following is a list of the categories of potential decision-makers you could contact to argue for safe and sustainable mobility in the post-2015 agenda:

  • Head of Government
  • Foreign Minister
  • Transport Minister
  • Health Minister
  • Minister with responsibility for UN                                                                 
  • Your government’s UN Permanent Representation in New York (You can find contact information for every UN Mission here)

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Alongside this lobbying movement, you can still take part on the MY World Global Survey and call for Better Transport and Roads alongside inputting 'road safety' as other.

More informaton about the Post:2015 Development Agenda:


We call upon our youth network to download the information in the attachments and contact your governments to act on road safety at the United Nations! This is an action you can take today!
- Together we can make a difference!






Open Working Group Slide
Model Letter to send to your Governments!
Post 2015 Infomation Sheet