Want to get started in road safety? Use our resources to get you going

Want to get started in road safety? Use our resources to get you going

Youth and road safety issues are a specialized area of focus but like many social action campaigns, road safety requires a good knowledge base to get started. From statistics to evidence, we host a lot of information about youth and road safety issues on our website that can give you the lowdown on nearly everything you need to know to get started in the field. 

Feel passionate about road safety but don't know where to start? We have lots of resources on our website that can give you the helping hand to get going. Check out some of our features below.


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Youth and Road Safety Action Kit

Our Action Kit is the backbone of the work we do to empower young people in road safety. All around the world, youth who have been affected by road traffic crashes or want to take real action have picked up the Action Kit as an effective starting point. Our groundbreaking workshops were built from the concepts in the Action Kit and is given out to every youth that experiences a workshop.

There are hundreds of reports out there that offer an insight into road safety, many of them 1000 pages long and scattered over different risk factors, regions and themes. For a young person wanting to learn about road safety, tackling all these reports would be a daunting task! That's why we have done it for them. We condensed reams of information into easy, bitesized and youth-friendly chunks to make it easy for young people to grasp the global road safety crisis facing young people, why youth are at particular risk, the key risk factors and how they can get started.

The Action Kit has been written by and for young people, reviewed by experts and endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Download the Action Kit in English


surreal poster seatbeltSurreal Poster Series

Posters can be an effective awareness raising tool and used in the proper setting, can be the extra nudge to encourage a young person to be safe on the road. These posters are "surreal", taking road safety contexts and placing them in unusual and thought provoking imagery.

Our poster series focuses on a five key risk factors; seatbelts, helmets, alcohol, visibility and speeding. These posters have been used all across the world, on billboards, in local settings and on T.V and they are available for you to use completely free!

You can also obtain these photos in the highest-resolution to use in bigger events, scenarios or billboards. Did we mention they are absolutely free to use?

 Download and use the posters


infographic coverInfographic on Youth

Young people are the biggest affected group when it comes to road deaths. Hundreds of thousands of young people agef 15-29 are killed every year and the numbers vary depending on where you live. We have put together an infographic using the latest available data to illustrate the impact road crashes have on young people globally.

While the numbers remain a crucial way to see the global impact of road crashes on youth, we remember that every single young people killed on the road represents a life full of promise. Many of the lives lost occur in low and middle-income countries where many young people provide an income to their households; pluging families further into poverty.

Get the facts through our interactive infographic:

Check out the infographic  more resources