VYBZING Forum update: Chousiel Youth & Sports Council project

VYBZING Forum update: Chousiel Youth & Sports Council project

The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) illustrate their real commitment to youth and road safety. They have awarded a USD10,000 grant to Choiseul Youth and Sports Council, Choiseul, St. Lucia to implement a road safety project in their district. The grant award follows a challenge issued by the Bank in May of this year to participants in its VYBZING Youth Forum in St. Lucia, to prepare and submit proposals for community-based projects for funding consideration, centred around last year’s VYBZING theme, “Road Safety: Save a Life, Save a Future.”


Building on the VYBZING Forum of 2013, we are very happy to see continued impact after the event in the form of a real investment in a youth and road safety project by the Caribbean Development Bank.

Ms. Angela Parris, Manager, Information Services Unit and Coordinator of VYBZING noted, “VYBZING aims to engage and empower young people so that they can become active participants in the development process.  We are very pleased with the response by St. Lucia’s youth to the challenge. The proposals submitted were varied in their focus, and ranged from projects on driving etiquette training for public motor omnibus drivers, to the creation of a Community Academy for Road Safety (CARS). A team of judges from the Bank’s Projects Department and Information Services Unit selected the winning proposal. ”

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Photo of Project Team- Chousiel Youth & Sports Council

The winning submission by the Choiseul Youth and Sports Council focuses on the erection of road signage and protective barriers in Sab Wisha and Troumassee, and includes a road safety public awareness campaign.

President of the Council, Mr. Charde Desir explained, “In 2010, 17 persons died in a road accident in Morne Sion, Choiseul, when a bus drove over a cliff and plunged into the sea. This is the single most costly accident in terms of lives lost in St. Lucia’s history. Government has since put safety measures in this area; however, there are other similar areas in Choiseul where improvements in road marking, signage and barriers are desperately needed. CDB’s challenge has provided us with a welcomed opportunity to make improvements in two such areas – Sab Wisha and Troumassee.”

Guard rail project in progress.

The CDB and St. Lucia’s Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport will work closely with the Choiseul Youth and Sports Council to refine the proposal for implementation. The project started in November 2013 and is expected to culminate April 2014. The CDB was the executing agency and the St. Lucian Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport will monitor and supervise the project.

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This project is a direct follow up to the Vybzing Forum lead by YOURS in 2013.

Another great follow up from the VYBZING Forum was the commitment from Mr Erland George, who's passion for road safety was ignited after the forum where he attended as a participant. His strong application and vision for the Caribbean for road safety makes him a welcome addition to the YOURS CORE Group as Regional Coordinator for the Caribbean Region. We commend the Caribbean Development Bank for their continued investment in youth and road safety issues.

This update was provided by Erland George, VYBZING Forum Participant and Regional Coordinator for the Caribbean Region for YOURS.