Vote for FedEx's video - Boston College Contest to #SaveKidsLives

Vote for FedEx's video - Boston College Contest to #SaveKidsLives

FedEx is one of the largest companies in the world and have actively been working to spread the messages of road safety around the world. As company that works in over 250 cities in the United States offering key delivery services, they also recognise that road safety is incredibly important, especially since they have many delivery vans on the road. They have created an hard hitting video on road safety and kids and entered it into a CSR contest.


In just three minutes, you will find yourself crying with compassion and empathy alongside a mom whose daughter lost her life while walking distracted, you will be inspired by an engineer who gets to use her day-job skillset to make the walking environment around a middle school safer for kids, you will be amazed at a corporate CEO's commitment to safety, you will find yourself cheering at a New York Stock Exchange bell-ringing event, and you'll see a nonprofit's CEO blowing a kiss.



Each spring, the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship sponsors an International CSR Film Festival. Scores of companies share their corporate social responsibility stories through their three-minute video entries.


The Film Festival offers a refreshing look at how communities benefit from the social investments of corporations around the world. A leading voice in the corporate citizenship arena, the Center convenes one of the largest gatherings of CSR practitioners in the world each spring at their annual conference. The favorite videos will be showcased at the conference. I hope you are inspired by the FedEx entry!

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See and vote for the video here
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