Vietnamese youth in road safety get internationally recognized - AIP Foundation

Vietnamese youth in road safety get internationally recognized - AIP Foundation

"Vietnamese youth leaders have determined that “enough is enough” as they fight against the very issue that impacts them most. Three youth leaders at AIP Foundation are being internationally recognized for their contributions to road safety." AIP Foundation published a story that highlights youth involvement in efforts to reduce road-related deaths and injuries through the Youth Stars Programme. We reproduced the article here.

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Star Rating for Schools Master Trainer

Ms. Minh Vo, Monitoring & Evaluation Jr. Coordinator at AIP Foundation, becomes Star Rating for Schools (SR4S) Master Trainer, a Youth Star Program, supported by FedEx and managed by iRAP and YOURS. SR4S is a systematic evidence-based approach developed by iRAP to measure, monitor, and communicate the risk on roads around schools. It supports quick interventions that save lives and prevent serious injuries from day one. SR4S allows easy assessment of each road feature that affects pedestrian safety on a journey to school and uses evidence-based research of their impact on safety. A “star rating” can be calculated at spot locations, where 1-star is the least safe and 5-star is the safest.

phpthumb php 2As a Master Trainer, she is responsible for delivering SR4S training to new members and coalition partners to improve road safety around school zones. Master Trainers are equipped with knowledge about SR4S methodology, assessment planning, SR4S tools, road attribute coding, and post-training support.

Currently, Ms. Minh Vo, along with 3 other Master Trainers are conducting the first-ever SR4S training for members of the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety.

“Decisions should not be made in isolation. It’s important to engage the youth whenever possible when it affects our livelihood. I’m honored to be a Master Trainer in this program, because I know I’m making a difference and that my voice matters,” Ms. Minh Vo voiced.

iRAP Accreditation
Ms. Quyen Bui and Ms. My Huynh, Program Assistants at AIP Foundation completed a course organized by iRAP, in cooperation with the University of Transport and Communication—iRAP’s lead partner in Vietnam, dedicated to road safety engineers, experts, and professionals working in the field.

“The Star Rating Demonstrator is such a great tool to learn and gives me a greater understanding of what needs to be prioritized when upgrading road infrastructure. This allows me to assess risks better, which ultimately helps me serve my community.” Ms. My Huynh expressed.

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The course focuses on capacity-building leaders to take on technical road analysis including:

  • Star Rating Demonstrator – a tool for simulating star ratings for 100m roads.
  • Star Rating for Design – an injury and fatality prevention app that empowers engineer designers to assess the safety or road design and improve its star rating before beginning road construction.
  • Fatal and Serious Injuries Estimation and Safer Road Investment Plan – tools that help estimate road casualties and simulate effective intervention solutions for the route, thereby improving the safety star rating of those roads.

Once completing the course, consultants are part of an exclusive highly trained group that is able to perform iRAP-specific activities at an international standard.

“Having participated in the course and received the iRAP accreditation on Road Attribute Coding, I learned a lot about the technical aspects of road safety assessment and interventions that are suitable to the local context. Moreover, it is not only a form of personal recognition but also a great motivation for me to contribute to the road safety program in Vietnam,” Ms. Quyen Bui proudly shared.

All three of AIP Foundation’s road safety youth leaders have been participating in ongoing global workshops, training, and campaigns to better serve underprivileged communities in Vietnam.


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