Video from Alliance Academy training is now live!

Video from Alliance Academy training is now live!

In September 2016, we helped deliver the Alliance Academy in Memphis, Tennessee at the headquarters of FedEx in USA. FedEx have produced a great video featuring highlights from the training and testimonials.


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The Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety (also known as 'The Alliance') received a generous grant from FedEx to help further develop the capacity of the 180+ Alliance members in 90 countries.

The Alliance created the 'Alliance Empowerment Program', an overarching program that has the aim to work with NGO leaders to improve their effectiveness and impact. Members of the Alliance identified several key areas for development that would help them in their road safety missions on the ground. This was realized through an Alliance wide 'Learning Needs Assessment' in which members reviewed the skills they need to make real lasting change in road safety. In response to a clear capacity development need, the Alliance developed supportive programs under the banner of the Empowerment Program. These include: The Alliance Academy: which offers trainings such as online webinars and in-person training workshops.

alliance discussion2The Academy Advocates: is an initiative that results from the Alliance Academy. The overall aim is to increase the quality of work that Alliance member NGOs implement. It builds on key skills such as planning, identify funding, implementing and evaluating effective advocacy activities, community mobilization, press attention, legislative change and more.

We (YOURS), were called in to develop the training curriculum based on our training experience. The curriculum was developed through month-long consultations with the Alliance and informed by the Learning Needs Assessment.

We used our track record in workshop delivery to design, develop and implement the training. Floor Lieshout conducted the training and Alliance Member, National Road Safety Council NGO’s staff, Poghos Shahinyan also provided training inputs directly related to his extensive experience in advocacy. External facilitators, such as Safe Kids and Johns Hopkins, Bloomberg School of Public Health as well as FedEx staff were brought in to provide specific inputs to compliment the training.

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Check out the video from FedEx here: