Vacancies now open for CORE Group applications - Apply now!

Vacancies now open for CORE Group applications - Apply now!

The CORE Group is a global posting at YOURS where COordinators of the REgions (CORE Group) hold for two years on selection. Our last CORE Group did an outstanding job in building the YOURS Network and expanding our reach but their term (2011-2013) has now come to an end and we are now recruiting for a brand new CORE Group.

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In 2011, YOURS announced the establishment of the YOURS CORE Group which bolsters our Global Youth Network for Road Safety through the appointment of Coordinators of the Regions from around the world. The CORE Group act as YOURS' first point of call for their respective regions and help to expand the network as well as offer specialised support to the regions with regards to road safety issues.

The CORE group explain their roles and grouped them into three key areas of focus:

  1. The YOURS Global Youth Network for Road Safety: 'To improve what we currently have'- to expand, share more information about youth and road safety projects and create a thriving quality network.

  2. Coordination and Guidance: 'To improve what we currently do'- of youth and road safety initiatives in every region consisting of coordinating and guiding activities, YOURS capacity development programs and creating regional information hubs on youth and road safety activities.

  3. Advocacy and Promotion – 'To be heard and seen more' – for YOURS to have a known and heard network worldwide and to reach out to the media more frequently.

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We are currently looking to fill 6 positions at YOURS

There are five regions to be represented in the CORE Group an 6 total appointments to be made to the CORE Group. The positions are:

  1. African Region: Regional Coordinator (Anglophone)
  2. African Region: Regional Coordinator (Francophone)
  3. Eastern Mediterranean: Regional Coordinator
  4. European Region: Regional Coordinator
  5. South East Asia: Regional Coordinator
  6. South and Middle Americas: Regional Coordinator

Do you have what it takes to represent your region? If you don't know already, find out which region your country falls into and see if you are eligble to apply for our vacancies here. This is an exciting opportunity to work with a global organization with the opportunity to see how an international NGO works, experience meeting people from different parts of the world and most importantly, contribute to the global action for youth and road safety issues.

Please send your motivation letter, contact details, photo and recent Curriculum Vitae
by 3rd February 2014 to:

You will receive a confirmation email after we have received all required documents.

For more information and questions you can contact Manpreet Darroch (Coordinator of the Global Network):

core outgoing
Aliou Oumarou (Francophone Africa), Sheila Atieno (Anglophone Africa) and Axel Druart (European Region) become our official outgoing members of the CORE Group and we thank them for their commitment over the past 2 years.


Deadline for applications is 3rd February 2014




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