Updates from the Caravane - Niger - The road safety journey begins!

Updates from the Caravane  - Niger - The road safety journey begins!

Since its launch on the 15th October 2012, the Carvane project has been travelling, so far, through two countries in West Africa. The journey began in Niamey, Niger and over its five day tour of the country, was greeted by thousands of young people amidst key road safety actions. The beginning of the Caravane journey in Niger illustrated successful road safety actions

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From the 15th till the 19th of October 2012, The Youth Caravane for Road Safety (initiated by youngsters from Africa, in collaboration with European youngsters) travelled all around Niamey to sensitize a maximum of youngsters on the importance of taking their responsibilities on the road, as much as when car drivers, than on a motorbike, a bike or as simple pedestrians.

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On its journey, the Caravane used a range of road safety tools to educate young people on road safety including the alcovision goggles pictured here.

The Launch of the Caravane, held in Niamey on Monday 15th of October, gathered all main transport, youth and education stakeholders, and draw the attention of numerous media who ensured a strong visibility for the forthcoming days of awareness actions.

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See the picture from the Niger action in the photo albums on the right column.

Awareness tools (AlcoVision Goggles, Distract-A-Match Game, reflective stickers, egg’s helmet, etc.) were therefore used on the streets, in schools and university, in several recreational setting in order to make youngsters aware of the dangers on the roads, since road crashes (which however are almost utterly avoidable) kill more people than Aids and Malaria. A successful Caravane Journey in Niamey, before leaving with 10 Nigerian young volunteers to Benin (and the next 5 countries), to convince their peer neighbours to be more careful on the road.

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