Unique crowdfunding opportunity for road safety initiatives in UK

Unique crowdfunding opportunity for road safety initiatives in UK

Crowdfunding gives you the platform to raise money and generate support for individual projects and gives the crowd the opportunity to invest in an idea they believe in. As part of their Road Safety campaign AXA have teamed up with Crowdfunder to enable local initiatives to find the funding necessary to make roads safer for everyone.


AXA launches crowdfunding initiative in partnership with Crowdfunder.co.uk as part of its ongoing work to tackle road safety issues

AXA has launched a crowdfunding initiative to enable local communities to raise money for projects that aim to improve road safety in their area. As the next phase of the insurer’s RoadSafe Schools campaign, which initially launched in 2013, AXA will be providing £15,000 worth of match-funding to help support the projects that successfully register via its Crowdfunding campaign page that can be found here.

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James Barclay, who leads the RoadSafe Schools initiative at AXA, said, “We began our road safety campaign back in 2013 and since then we have endeavoured to highlight the safety issues that face our roads. Despite significant road safety improvement in the past 20 years, far too many road traffic accidents still occur; In fact, there are approximately 2,000 people killed* on our roads every year.

“Teaming up with Crowdfunder.co.uk and pledging to match-fund road safety improvement projects is the natural progression of our road safety campaign, and it is our way of empowering local communities to take action and make their roads safer. No road safety project is too small; we feel that those involved in local community life are best-placed to decide what is best for their area, and it’s often the little things that can make a big difference.”


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James Barclay from AXA, commented: “Crowdfunding is a great way for us to connect directly with communities, “Match funding projects that the communities themselves have pledged on means that we are helping to support projects that we know are important to local areas across the UK.”

Phil Geraghty, MD of Crowdfunder, commented: “At Crowdfunder we are committed to helping every community in the UK raise the funds they need for more sustainable and secure society.

“Our relationship with AXA gives us the opportunity to bring alternative digital finance to communities alongside empowering them to make their roads safer for younger generations.”

Four projects are already live at launch, while others will join the campaign page in the coming week. To view or donate to current live projects, or to submit your own road safety project for your local area, visit the campaign.

To learn more about AXA’s road safety initiatives and wider programme, visit: www.axa.co.uk/roadsafeschools


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