Training of Facilitators to kick off - Monday 25th Nov at United Nations

Training of Facilitators to kick off - Monday 25th Nov at United Nations

The YOURS Training of Facilitators, a core component of our Capacity Development Programme will kick of next week (Monday 25th November) at the United Nations Office in Nairobi, the headquaters of the United Nations in Africa. The training of facilitators will build on the work of last year's programmes with a new set of young Kenyan leaders who will go out and run their own workshops in their communities.

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Next weel, YOURS will run the second Training of Facilitators in Nairobi, Kenya, building on the success of the First Kenya Training of Facilitators that took place last year. We thank our key partners that have made the second training possible, which will give a new group youth leaders to opportunity to be trained on road safety topics and facilitation skills. We highlight our key partners below

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The training will be set against the backdrop of the beautiful grounds of the United Nations Environment Programme at the United Nations Office at Nairobi across acres of greenery and inspirational landscapes where paritipants will have the opportunity to commit to road safety for the years ahead.

We will also be working with a host of local NGOs on the ground in Kenya who will work with us to deliver a new cohort of facilitators who will, after the training, run their own workshops across Kenya. The training will run from 25th November 2013 - 6th December 2013  is being hosted at the United Nations Campus in Nairobi, Kenya (supported by the United Nations Evnironment Programme; Share the Road).

Floor Lieshout, Director of YOURS said, "Along side Safe Roads, Safe Vehicles and Post Crash Care, we need Safe Road Users. Youth play a fundamental role in creating these safe road users. Their participation must be built in to road safety intiatives. When youth are well informed, inspired, skilled and given a real chance to participate, they are very powerful allies to energize the `road safety revolution´ in a country as peer educators, advocates and innovators".

The YOURS Training of Facilitators takes place over a two week period and is an intensive training that prepares young people in understanding road safety theory and risk factors alongside practical facilitation skills. Week one focuses on road safety knowledge and skills to be an effective peer educator, week two offers in the field practical experience.

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Key outcomes of the training are as follows:

  1. Increase young people´s understanding of the road safety crisis in Kenya and the risks they face on the roads (e.g.: speeding, helmets, distracted driving).
  2. Promote and increase the involvement of young people in road safety efforts in Kenya.
  3. Build the knowledge and develop the skills of 10-15 youth leaders in order for them to implement their own road safety activities

Read everything you need to know about the YOURS Training of Facilitators here.

As always, YOURS will be 'live' reporting from the event which will also bring back last year's facilitators to share their experience of independently running workshops after the training and their overall advice for new facilitators creating an on going support mechanism



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