The Driving Dead - a high end spin-off of Walking Dead for road safety

The Driving Dead - a high end spin-off of Walking Dead for road safety

Many fans of The Walking Dead know Michael Rooker for his work as Merle Dixon on The Walking Dead, but now they should know him as a safety advocate as well. The Driving Dead is a Public Service Announcement that is set up into a miniseries of YouTube videos.  They are designed to promote seatbelt use as well as discourage drinking and driving. 

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While turning the popular 'Walking Dead' fanchise into a series about safety messages might not sound like the most riveting of storylines, the messages are actually subtly introduced against the backdrop of Walking Dead style footage in incredible locations.

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Fan's of the Walking Dead congregate on the website and they had this to say about the series:

It’s interesting to note that the setting of these videos is very familiar.  It seems to be set in an apocalyptic wasteland a little like the one on AMC’s hit television show The Walking Dead.  It probably feels a lot more familiar because of the inclusion of Michael Rooker, who played the hard-nosed Merle Dixon on The Walking Dead.

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Popular Walking Dead star Merle become road safety advocate in this new set of road safety PSAs

The web series was created by the State of Illinois’ Department of Transportation.  Although the videos are meant to entertain, the larger theme of The Driving Dead is the promotion of safety.  It’s great to see that they found a fun way to get their point across in an entertaining way that doesn’t really feel like the ideas and concepts are being shoved down the throats of viewers.  In fact, if you hadn’t told me that these were public safety videos, I’d probably still watch them anyway.

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Watch the Driving Dead Series here.
- Viewer discretion is advised for 18+ audiences.

Make sure to bookmark the official site for The Driving Dead at their official website at to watch the new videos as they become available and be sure to support the State of Illinois for their fantastic work on this series.





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