The Caravane movie is now live - road safety in 7 West African countries!

The Caravane movie is now live - road safety in 7 West African countries!

On the 15th October 2012, the Caravane began its 50 day journey across 7 UEMOA (Economic Union in West Africa) taking road safety to hundreds of thousands of young people. Alongside the project, volunteers captured the key stages of the event of video and YOURS was tasked with the production of the Caravane Movie which is now available to view now.

You can read the full story of the Caravane here!

The First Caravane for Road Safety is taking place in seven countries who are all part of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA). The Caravane aims to prevent road traffic injuries by:

  1. officially launching the `Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020´ in the UEMOA region;
  2. promoting youth participation in road safety;
  3. allowing young Africans to share experiences and good practices in road safety;
  4. advocating for youth and road safety issues at high level officials;
  5. designing a common road safety campaign in the UEMOA region.

This project can also be read in conjunction with the EU Policy orientations for Road Safety 2011-2020 and with the European Youth in Action programme launched by the European Commission and called `Youth in the World´.  Therefore two NGOs based in the European Union will offer their help and share know-how from good practices used in the EU (thanks to RYD) and worldwide (thanks to YOURS).

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Communications Officer of YOURS, Mr Manpreet Darroch trained the camera people and guided them on the kinds of shots and footage needed to create a story of the Caravane in an official movie, he said,

"I was sent around 1,500 clips from the camera volunteers who shot this footage. Their clips illustrated the vibrancy and energy of this ambitious project and thanks to their fantastic footage, editing this video was easy and enjoyable. I'm very proud of their work"

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You can read all about the Caravane project here and click on the image below to watch the full Caravane video!

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