Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety welcomes FIA Foundation as a new partner

Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety welcomes FIA Foundation as a new partner

We are delighted to announce that the FIA Foundation has partnered with YOURS - Youth for Road Safety and the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety (the Coalition) to bolster global youth advocacy. With this new 3-year partnership (2021-2023), we aim to elevate youth leadership in the road safety agenda and arm young people with the tools to hold decision-makers to account.

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With over 640 members from 101 different countries, the Coalition empowers young people by equipping them with resources, skills, partnerships, and opportunities to take action on road safety and mobility issues within their communities, countries and globally. 

The FIA Foundation through its Child Health Initiative puts child and youth rights at the core of their work. The safe and healthy journeys mission, central to its Adolescents 2030 advocacy,  aims to place safe environments and young people at the heart of the international adolescent and youth agenda and amplify the voices of youth worldwide. 

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The anchor for the FIA Foundation’s youth engagement will be the Global Youth Coalition, with a focus on enhancing meaningful youth participation globally and mainstreaming the safe mobility agenda. 

FIA Foundation Executive Director Saul Billingsley said: “The FIA Foundation Advocacy Hub is supporting our coalition of partners to help deliver the policy changes to deliver streets for all, including young people who are more likely to be killed by vehicles than any other cause from the ages of five to 29. We are pleased to support YOURS, through the Global Youth Coalition, to engage and amplify the voices of global youth in the safe mobility agenda.”

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The partnership between the Youth Coalition and FIA Foundation will invest and support the Coalition’s work to empower young people across the globe in leading youth-driven and youth-focused advocacy efforts aimed at enhancing and promoting youth leadership. 

FIA Foundation joins as a partner specifically on advocacy alongside the Coalition’s programme partners which include TotalEnergies Foundation and Michelin Corporate Foundation. 

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On the partnership, Floor Lieshout, Executive Director of YOURS - Youth for Road Safety said: 

“ FIA Foundation and YOURS have been working together for almost 10 years on a wide range of projects and UN Global Road Safety Weeks. Today  I am proud to welcome them as a new partner of the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety. Together we will support a new generation of road safety advocates and offer them opportunities to demand road safety.”

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Notes to Editors

About the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety 
The Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety unites individual youth and youth-focused organizations to take action on road safety and sustainable mobility issues. It currently has over 600 passionate leaders from 98 different countries from around the world. It is underpinned by the principles of the Global Youth Statement for Road Safety

The Coalition connects road safety to key related topics such as health, education, poverty, sustainable cities, equality, and climate change. 

About YOURS - Youth for Road Safety 
YOURS is a global non-profit organization that is a direct follow up of the United Nation’s first World Youth Assembly held in 2007. YOURS believes that young people have a right to be adequately informed, consulted, and empowered on road safety. Its mission is to act to make the world’s roads safer for young people everywhere. 

YOURS believes that to achieve SDG Target 3.6 under the New Decade of Action, young people need to lead the road safety revolution. 

YOURS is a multi-award-winning organization, an official member of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration, and has consultative status at UN ECOSOC. 

About FIA Foundation
The FIA Foundation is a UK-based international charity supporting advocacy, programs, and research in road traffic injury and sustainable mobility. 

The €15 million Advocacy Hub for safe streets was launched by the FIA Foundation to support the policy change needed to limit speeds to 30 km/h (20 mph) on streets where children walk, live, and play, at the start of UN Global Road Safety Week. The Advocacy Hub, based within the FIA Foundation’s Child Health Initiative, will support organizations across the world engaged in policy change activities to secure safe, low-speed streets below 30km/h where pedestrians, particularly children, and youth, mix with motorized traffic. 

Partners to the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety
Technical Partner

World Health Organization  
The World Health Organization provides guidance and ensures that the Coalition’s strategies are aligned with the international road safety agenda as a technical partner. 

Programme Partners

About Michelin Corporate Foundation 
Michelin Corporate Foundation exemplifies the Group’s social responsibility and aims at sponsoring long-term projects in the countries where Michelin is present. 

 Since its creation in 2014, the Foundation has embodied Michelin’s core values of solidarity and respect, backing projects which directly benefit to local communities in over thirty countries. Projects of general interest in line with the commitments and values of the Group, always “Helping people move forward”.

About TotalEnergies Foundation
TotalEnergies Foundation covers the citizenship initiatives conducted every day worldwide by TotalEnergies, its affiliates and its corporate foundation. Through this program, TotalEnergies aims to contribute to the dynamism of its host communities and regions, with a special focus on young people. It is targeting four areas: youth inclusion and education; road safety; climate and environment; cultural dialogue and heritage. Every employee also has the opportunity to take up to three paid workdays a year to devote to these public interest projects. TotalEnergies Foundation is part of the Group’s societal engagement and supports its ambition to become the responsible energy major.


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