Tell WHO your road safety story - we need you support - take part!

Tell WHO your road safety story - we need you support - take part!

The World Health Organization is currently compiling information for a new adolescent health report for 2014. We think that road safety, as the biggest killer of young people globally, should feature prominently in this report and give it the attention it deserves as a serious health issue for young people globally. As part of that report, WHO is inviting young people aged 10-19 to submit their stories related to the topic, we ask for your support to get these stories together!


What is your story in relation to road safety? What is your experience with road traffic injuries and health services (perhaps after a crash)? Have you personally been affected by the lack of road safety? Do you think things need to change? Are you or is someone you know advocating for better health for adolescents? The World Health Organization wants you to tell them your story!

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As ambassadors for road safety, you are aware of the importance of the cause all around the world. Road traffic crashes remain the number one killer of young people aged 15-29 worldwide. This is a global crisis and a massive public health problem. The good thing is that we can do something about it: together we can save millions of lives and today we need your support.

How you can help – Share your story

WHO are collecting stories from 10-19 year olds on adolescent health. We therefore invite you to submit real life stories from youth related to road safety. This could include experiences on the road walking to school, family loss due to road crashes, involvement in a road collision and any thing else related to a road safety experience. Maybe your helmet protected you in a crash? 

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We appreciate you may not be aged 10-19 but we’re confident that you will know people who do or work with this particular age group.

How to submit your story

Please send an email to with subject line "story" and include in the body of the email:

  • Your age, sex and country
  • Your story or interview
  • Please note that each entry must be no longer than 300 words, but you may submit more than one story/interview.

Submissions will be reviewed and you will be contacted individually if we are able to include your story within the report. They may edit the story due to space constraints.

Please send us them your submissions before 1 October 2013.

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Alongside this opportunity, there is a chance take part in the WHO's Adolescet Health Photo Competition


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