Take part in the Francophone Forum for young people: Dakar, Senegal

Take part in the Francophone Forum for young people: Dakar, Senegal

Our friends at LASER International have arranged an exciting opportunity for young people interested in Francophone road safety issues in November over in Dakar, Senegal. The event takes place alongside the XV Francophonie Summit and will also host the next edition of Global Road Safety Film Festival.

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Senegal's commitment to the Decade of Action Road Safety, we call upon young people's participation, pledge further commitment to the global fight against this public health scourge: road safety; crucial struggle for our French-speaking country, especially its youth.

The Road Safety Forum Francophone Dakar theme is "Road safety: Road Safety Youth, Issue Development in the Francophone world." It will be held on 6 and 7 November 2014 in Dakar. Among the personalities and dignitaries present will be road safety experts; The Ministry of Infrastructure of Senegal, the French Interministerial Delegation for Road Safety, OIF, Quebec, Belgium, among the many partners and participants from different member countries of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie.

The Decade of Action Road Safety 2011-2020 United Nations was launched in more than 100 countries to prevent almost five million deaths due to road traffic announced worldwide by 2020 in the heart of the new global strategies and national strategies, the management of road safety, new public health problem has become a major challenge for development and public health, especially for the younger generation remains the most affected.

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Last year, YOURS helped develop the 'Youth Category for the Global Road Safety Film Festival' this year, this catergory, will now be run by LASER international with youth having the opportunity to submit their road safety videos.

like the signers of the Declaration of Moscow and different resolutions of Road Safety Safety of the United Nations, is firmly committed to develop and promote a common vision in the context of sustainable solutions including the holding of major events on road safety. This is part of our partnerships with countries and institutions leaders, the French Ministry of the Interior, Kingdom of Morocco, and the Economic Commission of the United Nations for Europe (UNECE), are associated with International NGO LASER sides to Senegal to co organizing the event scope.

The Forum Francophone is the spread of the Decade for Road Safety and the promotion of best practices in Francophone countries of the United Nations. Expected participants are the Ministers for Transport, political, economic officials, technical, educational, transportation stakeholders, teachers and educators, the media and associations such as Youth for Road Safety.


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Senegalese football team supporting the Decade of Action for Road Safety.

General Objectives of the Forum:

  1. Promote the exercise of the responsibilities of young people in charge of road safety in public and private sectors and civil society, ownership management tools for road safety within their organizations
  2. To highlight the innovations and best practices in terms of global, regional and national road safety policies between Francophone countries
  3. Promote the priority themes of the United Nations: pedestrian safety, helmet and seatbelt use of restraints for children, a cost-effectiveness of road infrastructure, the fight against speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs

All information about about the forum, how to register and take part can be found in the attachments.

Please note, this forum will be run in French with some limited English translations. It is suggested that French speaking youth apply for this. Flights to Senegal will not be covered but accomodation and food will be covered for four delegates applying through YOURS. Our African Coordinator (Francophone) Ms Maferima Kone will be in attendance.

For more information please contact:  Mme Ndèye Awa SARR Présidente LASER International: laserinternational@hotmail.com


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